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Technical specs of main configurations

Steel mesh sides

Vehicles with steel mesh sides

Waste collection vehicles

Waste collection electric vehicles

Electric box van with roller shutters

ALKE' electric box van with roller shutters
Closed cargo box Closed cargo box with sliding doors on both sides (2 doors per side), internal led light and locks. Isothermal insulation.
Van with tail lift Alkè ATX pick up outfitted with a tail lift module mounted on 2.000 mm x 1.400 mm dropside body with cargo bulkhead, dropside body with manual tipping H30 cm aluminium drop sides and mesh sides extension H55 cm.
Refrigerated electric vans Refrigrerated mini van with electric traction with FRAX certification: maximum load capacity of up to 1.410 kg (depending on the model), a load volume of up to 2.3 m³ and it is N1 type-approved for circulation in urban areas.
Mobile elevating work platform Electric utility vehicle eqquiped with articulated and telescopic boom with work height of 12 metres, basket capacity of 120 kg, electric handling motor from 2500 W to 48 V and with four stabilizing feet.
Rear cab crane module The electric vehicle with rear cab crane configuration has a lifiting capacity ((weight x length) of 995 kg — 1,20 m, 740 kg — 2,10 m and 515 kg — 3,00 m and a maximum outreach until 3 meters.
Firefighting module Removable fire-fighting module, reinforced fiberglass fireproof structure, 600-liter tank capacity, hose reel to rewind complete manual of 50 meters pipe.
Vacuum cleaner with waste collecting body 1.7m³ ATX with waste collection body’s electrohydraulic control unit and bin lifting system are powered directly from the drive batteries. Module’s loading capacity: 650 kg.
First aid module Ambulance version equipped with spine board, rear passenger seat, bag compartment for medication kits.
Ice cream module Ice cream module available in version of 6 or 12 tastes with +4°C and - 20°C refrigeration