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More than 40 configurations available

Among standard and custom solutions

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electro-hydraulic tipping

Loading capacity (chassis) 1.000 kg

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Refrigerated electric van

Loading capacity 715 kg

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waste collection body with bin lift system

Loading capacity 650 kg

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Electric ambulance

Equipped with spine board

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airport vehicles

towing capacity up to 4.000 kg

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steel mesh sides

Loading volume 3 cbm

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tail lift truck

tail lift load capacity up to 500 kg

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Pizza vending van

With gas or electric oven

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explosion proof electric vehicles

categories: 2G/2D, 3G/3D, M2

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People carrier module

Applicable/removable in 2 minutes

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Electric van

Useful internal volume 2.9 cbm

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Electric vehicles with trailer

Towing capacity 3.000 Kg

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Closed body tarp

Height 105cm with opening on three sides

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Cargo bed with drop sides

Dimensions 130-180x124 cm

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Electric vehicles with snow blade

Snow blade width 150 cm

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salt spreader

Tank capacity 170 lt

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...and many more available

find the one that best suits your needs!

Tunnel dual mode vehicles

tunnel vehicles with double cab
Vehicles with two compartments with double driving direction.

Electric UTV: ATX Heavy Duty

heavy duty electric vehicles
Electric UTV ATX Heavy Duty - Loading capacity 1500 Kg, towing capacity 4000 Kg.

Electric vehicles for Navy

navy electric vehicles
Utility Vehicles for the Navy! 100% Electric, load capacity 1500 Kg.
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