Alke' Electric Utility Vehicles

Alke’ Electric Vehicles are powerful and reliables. They are able to deal with the most difficult rises and can satisfy your own needs.


Alke' Electric Vehicles - ATX N1 - Type approved for road use


ATX N1 models, thanks to the new and just released N1 European approval, bring on road a performance never seen before on their category: loading capacity up to 1.630 kg, towing capacity up to 2.000 kg on public roads and up to 4.500 kg as top especifications, autonomy up to 150 km and possibility to match semi-trailers thanks to the new version with approved fifth wheel.
The new range, compared to the previous one, presents - from a technical point of view – a new front bumper with incorporated daytime running LED lights, new and more ergonomic seats with integrated head restraint and doors with a new closing system.
New capabilities include, also, increased max speed on many models (35 km/h on Heavy Duty, 44 km/h on all other versions) and the possibility to choose a new and more spacious cargo area (200x140 cm), in addition to the previous ones (130x123 and 180x123 cm).


ATXN1 for industry

ATXN1 for industrial sector applications

Type approved road use

Zero emissions vehicles - Type approved road use

Urban electric vehicles

ATXN1 urban electric vehicles


The list of configurations is further increased, there are over a hundred options both for 2 and 4 seats models and for left-hand and right-hand drive.
It's intresting, for a vehicles of such dimensions, the possibility to mount a hydraulic tail lift approved for road applications or to rely on mixed configurations, like box van body plus dropside body, or refrigerated or isothermal body with bigger dimensions than the previous versions.
ATX N1 vehicles come with 6 different battery pack options, from the classic Lead-Acid type to Gel or to Lithium, with the possibility to choose, in case of specific needs on autonomy side, between High-Capacity battery pack, Fast-Charge systems or multiple battery packs with battery swap system.



Electric Vehicles ATX 210E

electric vehicles atx210e
ATX210E -The best selling Alke' professional electric vehicle loading capacity (chassis): 635 kg max. towing capacity: 2.000 kg.

Off road electric vehicles ATX 230E

off road electric vehicle atx230e
Zero emission vehicle suitable also for off-road, max negotiable slope: 35%

Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 240E

Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 240E
Electric Utility Vehicles for intensive use in industrial and civil areas loading capacity (chassis): 1.000 kg max. towing capacity: 3.000 kg

Mini Pickup ATX 110E

small electric pickup atx 110e
Small electric vehicle for uses that require tight turning radiuses loading capacity (chassis): 645 kg towing capacity: 2.000 kg

Double cab ATX ED

Electric Vehicles Double Cab ATX ED
4-seater electric vehicle for transporting both work groups and materials. Load capacity (chassis): up to 1,450 kg.

ATEX Electric Vehicles

atex electric vehicles
Explosion-proof vehicles for potentially explosive areas categories: 2G/2D, 3G/3D, M2

Alke' Electric Vehicles

Electric road legal vehicles
Alke' - electric vehicles



A new generation of electric vehicles exists that is able to put in the field performances that are on a par with and in certain contests superior to the conventional diesel or petrol vehicles of the same category. It is the case of the ATX E series, professional electrical vehicles designed to be used in the hardest and most demanding conditions.
Alke' electrical vehicles combine silence and zero pollution to a real working capacity. It is not by chance that a growing number of sectors are starting conversion procedures of almost their entire fleet of vehicles to high performance electrical vehicles such as the ATX E.



Airport Vehicles

Airport Vehicles Alke'
Sturdy, compact, and agile vehicles: an efficient solution for the transport and towing of items at airports.

Waste collection vehicles

Waste collection electric vehicles
The greenest and quietest waste collection vehicles for urban areas, sport centres, airports, among others.

Electric Van

ATX Electric Van Cargo Box
High performance, silent and environmentally friendly: perfect for the transport of goods in urban areas.



It makes a real difference being able to move and operate without limits of time or space within residential areas, tourist structures, parks and golf clubs, just as in areas within civil or commercial airports, without disturbing visitors or operators residing in these areas.
The investment for an ATX E is re-paid in average terms by the maintenance costs, which are must lower if compared with equivalent diesel and petrol vehicles: maintenance is almost inexistent and there are noteworthy savings in fuel consumption. Technical life, in working hours, of an electrical vehicle of this type is generally double, if not triple, with respect to a conventional fuel vehicle.


Electric Vehicles News

Street food vans

street food vans
Quiet, ecological vehicles with a wide choice of equipment for street sellers.

Choose your battery!

vehicles lithium lead gel battery
The Alke vehicles can be equipped with three different types of battery, Lead Acid, lead Gel and Lithium Ion.

E-vehicles with lithium batteries

autoveicoli elettrici batterie litio
By installing and using lithium-ion batteries, Alkè offers its customers an even more efficient product.

Tail lift van

tail lift van
Electric pick up fitted with a tail lift for handling cargo, ideal for hospitals, school complexes, airports, etc.

Alke' electric truck

Alke' electric truck
Electric utility vehicles with trilateral hydraulic tipping and load capacity up to 1.000 kg.

Off road eletric vehicles

Off road eletric vehicles - 4 things you should know about them
4 things you should know about them.
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