Waste collection with toolbox

Waste collection vehicle with toolbox
The ideal solution for municipalities and societies that deal with waste management.

What is the price of a golf car?

prices electric golf car
The price of electric golf cars is determined by several factors that we explain here.

COMBI Electric Vehicles

COMBI electric vehicles
Combinable modules to allow multiple tasks to be carried out jointly in a simple and fast way.

Choose your battery!

vehicles lithium lead gel battery
The Alke vehicles can be equipped with three different types of battery, Lead Acid, lead Gel and Lithium Ion.

Alke' electric truck

Alke' electric truck
Electric utility vehicles with trilateral hydraulic tipping and load capacity up to 1.000 kg.

Off road eletric vehicles

Off road eletric vehicles - 4 things you should know about them
4 things you should know about them.
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