Street food vans

street food vans
Quiet, ecological vehicles with a wide choice of equipment for street sellers.

Choose your battery!

vehicles lithium lead gel battery
The Alke vehicles can be equipped with three different types of battery, Lead Acid, lead Gel and Lithium Ion.

E-vehicles with lithium batteries

autoveicoli elettrici batterie litio
By installing and using lithium-ion batteries, Alkè offers its customers an even more efficient product.

Tail lift van

tail lift van
Electric pick up fitted with a tail lift for handling cargo, ideal for hospitals, school complexes, airports, etc.

Vehicles with three axis tipping

three axis tipping vehicles
Electric utility vehicles with trilateral hydraulic tipping and load capacity up to 1.000 kg.

Vehicle with air conditioning

air conditioning electric vehicles
Alkè electric vehicle with air conditioning: power and comfort to operate up to 56°C.
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