Electric cargo vans

Electric cargo vans
Zero-emission and compact cargo vans to improve transportation in cities and historical centres.

What is the price of a golf car?

prices electric golf car
The price of electric golf cars is determined by several factors that we explain here.

Small transporters

Farm utility vehicles and small transporters
Small off-road transporters ideal on large estates, also in hilly areas, and on eco-sustainable farms.

Electric delivery van

Alke' electric delivery van
Small vans without limits to circulation. Ideal for last mile urban logistics.

Electric garbage truck

Alke' electric garbage truck
More and more municipalities have been supplying themselves EVs to carry out separate waste collection.

Off road eletric vehicles

Off road eletric vehicles - 4 things you should know about them
Alkè ATX electric vehicles with rear-wheel drive have performances comparable to equivalent 4WD diesel.
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