Would you like to become a dealer
of Alke' electric vehicles?

Would you like to become a dealer of Alke' electric vehicles?


Become an Alke' dealer: add quality, performance and electrical innovation to your sales efforts. In fact, electric vehicles are gradually superseding traditional vehicles, in every field: from industry to the service sector. Nowadays, the zero emission vehicles are the solution which everyone is looking for.

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Why become an Official Alke' high performance electric vehicles dealer?

  • Zero emissions: the electric vehicles market is growing year by year
  • Alke' is a key player in the sustainable mobility sector
  • Sales network: present in more than 40 countries across the globe
  • Top assistance for dealers and sales advice
  • Type-approved for circulation on roads
  • 100% made in Italy


Alke' electric vehicles - Dealer


New market demands

The automotive market has been going through a sort of revolution for a number of years. After a period of misunderstanding and superficiality, the electric vehicle has taken its place in the transport sector, establishing itself thanks to the outstanding quality it offers. Currently, demand for electric vehicles is extremely high, especially in industry, service companies and public administration.
These vehicles do not pollute, they ensure excellent use in enclosed working environments (such as airport hangers, railway stations, warehouses and industrial buildings), but also in urban areas, where the problem of air pollution is always very high.
And furthermore, the savings generated by electric power are second to none: in fact, an electric vehicle can be fully charged overnight at a cost of just € 2.

icon features
  • electric vehicles are gradually replacing traditional vehicles
  • respect for the environment is becoming ever more important
  • a complete charge costs only about € 2
  • Alke' Electric vehicles: top of the range performance levels in all fields


Alke' Dealer network

ATX range
Alke' Dealernet - ATX range


Alke' helps you to build a strong professional image

Joining the Alkè network means receiving content every day, high quality images and videos of Alkè electric vehicles in action, as well as technical and commercial material. To support the communication activities of its partners, the Alkè team has also developed a series of tools that provide important indications on how to best communicate the brand identity on the various media. The Alkè staff is always available to provide assistance and advice.


Alkè provides you with prospects contacts

Thanks to a worldwide sales network, Alke' is able to provide you with prospects contacts for your area of expertise. It will then be up to the dealer to contact them and follow them professionally from quotation to sale. After the sale, the dealer will always take care of the after-sales service by carrying out servicing and repairs, which is why it is recommended to have an internal maintenance department.


Be an Alke' Dealer

Alke' is increasing its sales network so that it can provide its customers with a more structured and capillary service.
For this reason, any potential Alke' dealer must be able to fully meet all the expectations and requirements of its customers.
It is essential that they already possess a suitable commercial structure, able to provide both mechanical and electrical assistance. If this is not the case, they must at least have a trusted service centre on which they can rely.
Alke' electric vehicles provide new features and innovation and have raised the bar in terms of quality in relation to any vehicle dealership. This is why Alke' is leader in the sector of sustainable mobility for working vehicles: its lines are fully designed and produced in Italy; each vehicle can cover multiple fields or tasks thanks to the many options available; all the vehicles have a basic structure which is strong and durable; they are comfortable, quiet and agile and can even reach places which would be difficult for other vehicles.

icon features
  • we are constantly developing our sales network
  • to become an Alke' dealer, you must have a suitable structure
  • Alke' has been producing electric vehicles since 2000
  • Alke' vehicles: innovative features, high performance and compact


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