Alke' electric truck: agile, quiet and ecological Alke' electric truck: agile, quiet and ecological

Alke' Electric Truck

Agile, quiet and ecological

The ATX range of electric truck by Alke' embraces flexibility and efficiency. Compact dimensions allow access to areas otherwise difficult to reach and their 1.630 kg load capacity means they are perfect for any type of operation.

Why choose Alke' electric truck?

  • Practical and silent: ideal for use in confined areas and enclosed spaces
  • Ecological: no harmful emissions
  • High-performance: load capacity of 1.630 kg (chassis) and type approved towing of 4.500 kg (in private areas)
  • Alkè Cloud Connected
  • Low running costs: a complete charge costs only around €2


Electric pickup utility truck - Dashboard


Alke' electric pickup truck - Applications

Alke' has designed and built a line of compact electric trucks specifically for operations in an urban context. Many local councils have chosen these vehicles not only for their compact dimensions ensuring agile and comfortable work in all situations but also their high performance.
These models have European N1 type approval allowing them to be driven on public roads; they are consequently ideal for tasks such as maintenance of roads and bicycle lanes - yet they can also be used in confined spaces such as warehouses or buildings.
Very quiet operation is an added bonus: there are many highly sensitive areas where a peaceful and quieter atmosphere must be maintained. That is why Alke' electric vehicles are ideal for work in hospitals, historic town centres, residential suburbs and cemeteries.

icon features
  • type-approved for circulation on public roads
  • flexible vehicles
  • they can work where silence is compulsory
  • suitable for work in open and enclosed spaces alike


Electric pickup trucks

Electric picup trucks

Crew cab truck

Crew double cab truck

Alke' - waste collection

Alke' - waste collection


Electric work truck - Technical features

The most important feature concerns the power system. Alke' compact work trucks are powered entirely by electricity - and this is positive for the environment, since harmful CO2 emissions are not generated, as well as consumption. Electric work vehicles can be fully recharged for the negligible cost of 2 euros and with recharging through solar panels there is a further reduction in costs.
Braking energy is also recovered, which is extremely beneficial for stop & go activities: thanks to this system, frequent stops no longer cause higher consumption - which can actually be reduced by up to 30%.
Lastly, high quality construction materials and attention to detail also give Alke' electric vehicles a unique style and excellent performance: load capacity up to 1.630 kg, towing capacity up to 4.500 kg (private area) and a maximum speed of about 44 km/h; the average distance travelled with a full charge varies between 70 and 200 km, depending on operation modes and the type of battery.
The engine provides immediate maximum torque for fast starts even uphill and is equipped with a cooling system that allows the vehicle to operate even at high temperatures.


icon features
  • a complete charge costs only about € 2
  • brake energy recovery
  • high performance electric engine
  • engine with very efficient cooling system



Urban electric truck

Urban electric truck

Zero emission work truck

Zero emission work truck

Three-sided cargo bed

Three-sided cargo bed


Small electric truck - Ideal for urban use

The on-road performance of these vehicles is excellent, so much as that many minicipalities in small towns and historic cities have expressed considerable satisfaction. The nature of these areas makes it difficult to carry out routine operations such as road maintenance or waste collection with garbage truck: to overcome such problems, these councils have decided to rely on Alke's expertise.


icon features
  • optimal on-road performance
  • highly appreciated by local councils
  • customizable vehicle
  • extremely versatile


Alke' recommends these configurations for the following tasks:

Cargo bed

Alke' Cargo bed

Electric van with body tarp

Electric van with body tarp

Commercial van vehicle

Commercial van vehicle Alke'



Alke' Electric Vehicles Cloud for electric trucks

This is the easiest and fastest way to find out where your electric truck is! Alke' Cloud will allow you to check your Alke' electric truck with just one click. You will be able to view if it is suitably running in the city environment or in other confined areas and enclosed spaces, where it is located, how much battery power is left after running in urban locations and the state of charge.
Alkè electric truck can be working in town centres, warehouses and other sites like residential neighbourhoods - Alkè remote control device will handle the vehicle operations in the city with you, those being either delivery or maintenance, as well as different activities.



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