Recycling: many cities in northern Europe have been supplying themselves electric vehicles for the collection of recycling bins: loading, transport and unloading of the recycled waste. There are many reasons for this choice and let us take a look at just why citizens have appreciated it so.

fleets of electric vehicles for municipalities
Electric Garbage truck - Alke'
Alkè electric vehicles are used in municipalities for waste collection. This electric garbage truck is really appreciated by local government and peoples for this task because:
does not pollute: the advantage of being an electric vehicle allow this  electric garbage truck to operate without pollute in open space but especially inside closed areas. There is no CO2 emission and this allow the transport of waste even inside shopping centres, cemeteries, parks and nursery schools.
quiet: the electric garbage truck does not make any noise. This is a particularly appreciated advantage, as only electrical vehicles can operate in and around structures where silence is an important requisite, such as hospitals, residential areas, shopping centres, historical town centres, holiday resorts and camp grounds.
strong and inexpensive: it only costs € 2 to cover a distance of from 70 to 90 km. The ALKE' WA1 electric garbage truck has been specifically designed to be energy efficient. The Alkè vehicles for recycling services have a energy-recovery braking system which reduces energy consumption by up to 30% when it is in a continuous “stop and go” mode. The high performance Alkè electrical motor has been specifically designed to improve energy use when used for a door to door service where it stops often and rarely reaches high speeds. The motor is further equipped with a special cooling system which allows it to operate at high temperatures with an elevated work load. Even steep ramps present no problem for the electric motor of the garbage truck, it ascends without hesitation.
Doorstep collection vehicles90° tipping: the electric garbage truck has an anti-corrosion aluminium collection bin which can be integrated with an optional recycled waste bin lift for 120 and 240 litre bins. The bin has a 2 cubic metre load capacity (capacity: 450kg ATX210E WA1  - 650kg ATX230EH WA1) with a tipping angle of 90° which allows the waste to be unloaded directly into the auto-compacting machines.

reduced size: The ALKE WA1 electric garbage truck is only 127 cm wide and can therefore collect recycled waste from even the narrowest alleys in absolute silence. 
reliable: ALKE' vehicles have been designed for professional use and are therefore very robust (its chassis is comparable to that of a 4x4 off-road vehicle). An easy to mount extra battery pack is available so that the vehicle can be used without a recharge stop.

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