ALKE' light e-power utility trucks

Alke' light e-power utility trucks

Vehicles designed to offer comfort, high performance and zero harmful emissions. Alke' wants to introduce a breath of fresh air to both work and everyday life!


Why choose an Alke' work vehicle?

  • Energy saving: Alke' vehicles can be autonomously recharged
  • Zero emissions: Alke' vehicles are eco-friendly and good for nature
  • Compact size: Alke' vehicles are compact and can be used anywhere
  • Customisation: every vehicle can be customised with various accessories and options


ALKE' light e-power utility trucks - ATX range


Alke' vehicles: how to choose the one that meets your needs!

There are several differences between standard electric cars and Alke' professional electric vehicles. The first thing you notice is the quality of the materials used, which are much stronger and high performing that those used to manufacture standard electric cars. Alke' vehicles are designed and built to cope with any work activities, from the more demanding ones required in industry, to those in urban transport and business. With their high performing electric motor and compact size, these vehicles can reach very difficult areas with uneven road surfaces, very steep gradients and narrow streets.
The historic centres of our wonderful cities are an excellent example: transport in these areas is undeniably difficult, especially if you have to move heavy materials and equipment.
Alke' electric vehicles, professional electric vehicles, designed for use in the harshest and most demanding conditions, are currently used in over 40 countries worldwide and have been operating for years in critical environments, like the freezing temperatures of Northern Europe or the extreme temperatures of desert areas.

Hundred of configurations for you!

Electric vehicle with cargo bed

Electric utility vehicles with loading bed
Electric vehicle with load capacity up to 1.630 kg.

Electric box van with roller shutters

Electric box van with roller shutters
Quiet, compact and easy to move around, are used in hospitals, tourist resorts, and catering.

Waste collection vehicle

Waste collection vehicle
Electric vehicle for waste collection.

Towing vehicle with trailer

Vehicle with utility trailer
Electric vehicle with towing capacity up to 4.500 kg onm private property.

Refrigerated electric vans

Refrigerated electric vans
Refrigrerated mini van with electric traction with FRAX certification.

Electric Van

Electric Van
Commercial electric vehicle with closed body tarp and thermally insulated.

Electric vehicle with mesh sides

Electric vehicle with mesh sides
Electric agricultural vehicle with steel mesh sides.

Vehicle with pressure washer

Electric vehicles with pressure washer or sprayer
Electric vehicle with tank, sprayer or pressure washer. For street cleaning and maintenance of green areas.

Electric ambulance

Electric ambulance
First aid ambulance in stadiums, fairs, factories. Also ATEX version.

The electric car market

The issues of air pollution and global warming have led car manufacturers, over the years, to dedicate a part of their production to the electric vehicle market. A number of well known car manufacturers have cautiously begun to invest in these projects, whereas others have been created specifically for this sector.
The electric vehicles currently available on the market have been designed for urban and private transport and have been created to resolve the problem of harmful gases. Conventional cars (especially diesel and petrol ones) are under pressure and are increasingly discouraged, because they are considered one of the major causes of pollution. Even so, the market for conventional cars remains buoyant and this leads to drastic measures being taken on the normal road system: new restricted traffic areas are constantly being created and steps taken to reduce the amount of city traffic in certain periods of the year by enforcing an alternative number plate system.
These decisions have a negative effect not only on people who have to get to work, but especially on those whose job involves being behind the wheel all day long. With Alkè electric vehicles, this will no longer be a problem because they can be driven in all situations.


Alke' Electric Utility Vehicles - ATX range


Through its passion and constant research, Alkè has achieved a string of successes in the professional electric transport sector. Over the years, the work on improving and perfecting these vehicles has increased their performance: energy recovery when braking, increased autonomy, increased load capacity, higher negotiable slope.
Our customers are mostly companies that need professional vehicles they can use in an urban, city setting. Stores rely on Alkè vehicles to deliver goods in historic city centres and restricted traffic areas, which would otherwise be difficult to reach.
Likewise, the building industry which uses heavy equipment which must also be transported around the most inaccessible areas of our cities.
Finally, the tourist sector which includes hotels and resorts (transport of clean laundry and equipment for entertainment) and catering (street food).


Alke' electric vehicles - ATX range



If you would like more information, send us a short message. Find out which Alke' light e-power utility truck is right for you and how much it costs!

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