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Electric UTV Vehicles Alke' Electric UTV Vehicles Alke'

Electric UTV vehicles

Designed to be used in the hardest conditions

When you are in the process of buying a new electric UTV you should always keep in mind its tech specs, high quality standards, and price. Our Alke Electric UTVs are 100% made-in-Italy and designed to sustain the most demanding conditions and still being able to carry up to 1,630 Kg and tow up to 4,500 Kg.

Why choose Alke' electric UTV vehicles?

  • Full electric
  • Powerful and strong
  • Negotiable slope up to 35%
  • N1 type-approved for road circulation
  • 100% made in Italy


Electric UTV cars Alke'


Alke' electric UTV vehicles - Characteristics


Electric motor

8 kW electric motor (14 kW peak), extremely powerful can work without problems in very demanding situations

Maximum negotiable slope

35% one of the best in electric cars sector


127 cm

Truck bed length

130-180-200 cm

Approved Road Legal

N1 (European homologation)

Made in Italy

Spare parts are always available in a short delivery time

Battery-charger on board the vehicle

Yes, it can be connected anytime and anywhere to any 230 V (16 A) socket

Off-road use

Yes, very few electric UTV operate on uneven land. The structure in high-strength steel is built to support heavy duty operations


Alkè electric utility vehicles combine silence and zero pollution to a real working capacity. It is not by chance that a growing number of sectors are starting conversion procedures of almost their entire fleet of vehicles to high performance electric UTV such as the ATX E. It makes a real difference being able to move and operate without limits of time or space within residential areas, tourist structures, parks and golf clubs, just as, with Alkè airport vehicles, within civil or commercial airports, without disturbing visitors or operators residing in these areas.


All terrain UTV

All terrain UTV

Double cab UTV

Double cab UTV

Urban road legal UTV

Urban road legal UTV


Powerful and strong

These electric utilitiy vehicles have AC motors with very high torque and smooth distribution which prevents skidding and loss of grip also on high risk land-types (sand, snow or ice) and guarantee start-up in ascent without hesitation. Thanks to their special motors and CURTIS controllers, the ATXs work vehicles raise the power, if necessary, by 8 kW nominal to a peak of 14 kW to allow operations even in the presence of uneven land and 35% slopes. The range on standard routes is up to 150 Km, which corresponds to an entire working day even when many repeated stops are required for frequent load-unload operations. The Alke's UTV cars have a regenerative brake system, which in the stopping phase prevents all waste of power and wear of the brakes. The complete re-charge of the battery set, normally carried out during the night, takes place using the high frequency battery-charger present on the machine, this means it can be connected anywhere there is a common mains socket without being restrained to fixed bases.


Electric vehicle - Industrial plant

Electric vehicle - Industrial plant

UTV vehicle - Dashboard

UTV vehicle - Dashboard

Utility vehicle - Load capacity

Utility vehicle - Load capacity


Hundreds of configurations

If you want to customize your electric utv vehicle as much as possible, you can choose from hundreds of configurations and accessories. Configurations most requested are: dropside body, mesh sides extension, box van body with sliding doors, tarpaulin body and waste collection body. There is also the possibility to combine two modules with COMBI configurations, combinable modules to allow multiple tasks to be carried out jointly in a simple and fast way.


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