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Alke' Tail lift truck - Lifting device panel for handling the load Alke' Tail lift truck - Lifting device panel for handling the load

The Alke' tail lift truck fitted with hydraulic tail lift to facilitate handling of the load is, for example, ideal for use in parks to handle waste bins. It guarantees comfort in loading/unloading operations.

Why choose Alke' tail lift truck?

  • Facilitates loading/unloading operations.
  • Speeds up operations.
  • Reduced fatigue for operators.
  • Reduction of management and maintenance costs.
  • Respect for the environment.


Tail lift plaform truck - Alke' Electric Vehicles

Lifting device panel for handling the load

On request, the loading area of the Alke' tail lift trucks can be fitted with a hydraulic rear panel, which is very useful for handling the load from the loading bed to the ground and vice versa. The lifting device panel is easily activated thanks to a remote control that lifts and lowers it hydraulically, while opening and closing take place manually. The tail lift can be mounted on a fixed loading bed and with three-side tipping.
The tail lift trucks with lifting device panel are used, for example, in parks to handle waste bins or other materials that must be moved from one area to another in the park, but can also be used for transport to handle loads such as pallets, packs, etc.
This system guarantees a high level of comfort when loading and unloading and operators can handle loads safely.


Tail lift Truck - Alke' Electric Utility Vehicles

Zero emission tail lift truck

The hydraulic platform is also frequently used to handle trolleys, for example by those transporting meals such as catering companies or for loading and unloading trolleys containing laundry items as is the case of hospitals or accommodation or other. It is, in fact, extremely useful for anyone that does not have lifting trucks or fork-lifts to load and unload the material from the loading bed; the hydraulic panel is also defined as a lifting device panel.
The Alke' tail lift truck with hydraulic tail lift has zero CO2 emissions and is therefore ideal for use in parks, in tourist villages and camp sites, by transport companies for deliveries in the city centre and limited traffic areas, to speed up loading and unloading of goods with respect of the environment and the customers/guests.
The configuration with hydraulic tail lift can be applied to the Alke' ATX 330EH/EDH or 340EH/EDH models (all in the version with long wheelbase).



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