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Alke' customized vehicles

Custom Electric Vehicles

Alke' is able to provide custom vehicles with equipment suiting the most varied needs. Our custom-made solutions include fleet vehicles as well.

For what should you choose Alke' custom electric vehicles?

  • Cleaning and maintenance activities
  • Emergency management
  • Towing and transport activities
  • Logistics operations
  • Customisable colours and graphics


Custom Colors


Developing equipment for custom vehicles

Alke' Technical Department handles enquiries from customers about custom equipment and studies their feasibility aiming at the best solution for every need. We are able to analyse special requirements on demand in order to optimise the customisation of our vehicles (customised dropside bodies and colours, power supply for external devices, etc...). Both Alkè Production Department and Official Resellers can provide custom products.
The range of Alke' electric trucks includes many different design features displayed in our catalogue. They were often originally produced to meet the market demand and then became standard equipment. Apart from the numerous available options, we can create custom trucks with equipment that is especially designed from scratch or custom-made according to the customer needs.


Road cleaning roller

Custom vehicles - Road cleaning roller

Custom equipment

Creation of customized equipment

COMBI customisable trucks

COMBI customisable trucks Alke'

Leaf vacuum cleaner

Leaf vacuum cleaner for vans

Custom firefighting vehicles

Custom firefighting vehicles Alke'

Customisable Dropside body

Customisable vehicles - Dropside body


Electric trucks with custom equipment - Technology and Manufacturing Quality

Most of the enquiries about custom trucks concern emergency management, cleaning and maintenance, towing and transport, logistics operations. Thanks to their professionalism and great expertise and in electric vehicles, Alkè Technical Department can develop custom solutions while keeping performances of Alkè utility vehicles up to their usual standards. The standout high manufacturing quality of these vehicles does not change even in custom models as a consequence of the careful selection of our suppliers and of the accurate quality control process which we implement on each unit before it leaves our factory.
Truck power supply considerably eases any integration with auxiliary electrical devices. Electric drive allows working in areas of restricted access or in closed environments such as airports, factories, hospitals, etc. where travelling with combustion vehicles is not authorised.


Custom vehicles configurations Alke'


Custom electric cars: beyond standard equipment

Alkè customisation affects both the cargo area - with a range of equipment for dropside bodies - and the colour - allowing choosing custom RAL colour codes for the cabin and the dropside frame, as well as requesting a custom graphic both for the frame and the whole vehicle. It can be applied on a single unit or on fleet vehicles, depending on the kind of customisation process.


Configurations with customized graphic Alke'




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