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Alke' High Performance Electric Vehicles

ATX3 features
Alke' electric vehicles are professional vehicles for transport, 100% made in Italy, designed to be used in the hardest and most demanding conditions. Available in the road, heavy duty and explosion-proof versions.


Road Versions

electric vehicles road version
Electric vehicles approved at European level for road ciculation (N1 category).
Maximum chassis capacity [kg] 1.000
Maximum negotiable slope 35%

Areas of use: municipalties, logistic operators, waste collection, postal services, catering, street food, etc. Also ideal in off-road with appropriate tyres.

Industry Heavy Duty Versions

alke electric vehicles industry heavy duty versions
Electric vehicles for itensive industrial use, with loading and towing capacity more elevated of the range.
Maximum chassis capacity [kg] 1.500
Maximum towing capacity [kg] 4.500

Areas of use: industrial plants, airports, railways, ports and where it needs a high loading and/or towing capacity.

Explosion-proof versions

alke electric vehicles explosion proof versions
Electric vehicles certified according to the ATEX 2014/34/EU regulation to operate in explosion risk areas.
Loading bed maximum capacity [kg] 1.500
Maximum towing capacity [kg] 4.500

Areas of use: : chemical and petrolchemical industries, oil and natural gas production plants, mining industries, galleries construction and maintenance, etc.

Hundred of configurations available

Electric vehicles with loading bed

Electric utility vehicles with loading bed
Electric vehicle for work with load capacity up to 1.630 kg.

Electric van

Electric van closed cargo box
Commercial vehicle with isothermic closed cargo box.

Waste collection vehicles

Waste collection vehicles ATX
Waste collection electric vehicles.

Towing vehicles with trailer

Electric vehicles with trailer
Electric vehicle with towing capacity up to 4.500 kg on private property.

Refrigerated electric vans

Refrigerated electric vans ALKE' ATX
Refrigerated electric vans, FRAX Certified.

COMBI configurations

Vehicles with COMBI configurations
Combinable modules to allow multiple tasks to be carried out jointly in a simple and fast way.


ALKE' electric vehicles configurations

Hundred of configurations available


Alke' professional electric vehicles, designed for use in the toughest and most demanding conditions, today they are used in more than 40 Countries worldwide and have been operating for years in critical environments such as as those characterized by low temperatures of Northern Europa or the desert ones.
Alke' electric transport vehicles combine quiet operation and zero pollution with a real work capacity, it is not by chance that a growing number of sectors are starting conversion procedures of almost their entire fleet of vehicles to high performance electric vehicles such as the ATX. They are electric vehicles and therefore environmentally friendly without sacrificing high performance.


Loading capacity up to 1.630 kg
Maximum negotiable slope 35% - The best of the category
Regeneration ATX have an energy recovery motor brake system which, during the braking phase, avoids wasting power and wearing the brakes, simultaneously recharging the vehicle battery.


Fleet management: Alke' Electric Vehicles Cloud

Check the status of your Alke' electric vehicles has never been easier! With the Fleet management for Alke' Electric Vehicles and also just a single click you will be able to see if your electric utility vehicles from Alke' are being charged, if they are running, where they are, and how much battery power is remaining



Two seats are not enough? Look for the right solution from Alke'





Reinforced rear axle

Reinforced rear axle

Alke' rear axle

Alke' rear axle


Powerful and strong: these electric vehicles have AC motors with maximum torque close to zero revs and smooth distribution, which prevents skidding and loss of grip also on high risk land-types (sand, snow or ice) and guarantee start-up in ascent without hesitation.
Thanks to their special motors and the particular electronics, the ATX E raise the power, if necessary, by 8 kW nominal to a peak of 14 kW to allow operations even in the presence of uneven land and 35% slopes.


ATX cabin

ATX cabin



Reversing camera

Reversing camera


It makes a real difference being able to move and operate without limits of time or space within residential areas, tourist structures, parks and golf clubs, just as in areas within civil or commercial airports, without disturbing visitors or operators residing in these areas.
Another important aspect are the management costs which are very low, for a whole working day the cost for the full charge of a battery set is lower than 2 Euro and the maintenance is almost non-existent.
The range on standard routes is about 70-100 Km, which corresponds to an entire working day even many repeated stops are required for frequent load-unload operations.


Why choose Alke' professional electric vehicles?

  • Customisable loading area
  • Entirely produced in Italy
  • Possibility of use in off-road with adequate tyres
  • Very low management costs (re-charge costs lower than 2 Euro)


Alke' Electric Utility Vehicles


The electric ATXs have an energy recovery motor brake system, which in the stopping phase prevents all waste of power and wear of the brakes.
The complete re-charge of the battery set, normally carried out during the night, takes place using the high frequency battery-charger present on the machine, this means it can be connected anywhere there is a common mains socket without being restrained to fixed bases.




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