veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè

Off road utility vehicles for goods transport, can face up to 35% slopes, technology and power at your service.

Off-road electric vehicles
Off-road electric utility vehicles
Off-road utility vehicles Alkè ATX on a mule track on Mount Cervino.

2-wheel drive off-road vehicles couldn’t be left out of the Alke' range for work in the most extreme conditions. Today, even electric vehicles can be used for the heaviest jobs. The Alkè off-road utility vehicles have excellent performance even when faced with steep slopes (up to 35%), they have a load deck capacity of over 1000 Kg for the ATX range and a towing capacity that reaches 2000 Kg.

Off-road electric utility vehicles ATX 

With proper tires ATX210E and ATX230E are the most suitable for off-road use. ATX210E reaches a maximum speed of 44 Km/h, while ATX230E reaches a maximum speed of 35 km/h and both of them have a 180cm loading bed.

off road electric vehicles
Off road electric utility vehicle
Alke ATX 230E

Alke' electric vehicles are extremely versatile because they can be used both in town and in the most challenging off road. 
Alke ATX vehicles can be used on up-hill, dirt roads, sand, grassy carpets and any other off road terrain, where other electric vehicles do much difficulty, or even just can't operate.

Below find the features of the Alkè ATX off-road electric utility vehicles.

Features ATX Description
Engine Electric The engines used in the Alkè vehicles are ideal for professional use.
Max speed 44 km/h The variator with torque converter offers the maximum torque at every speed, making driving lean and mean and extremely easy.
Engine brake with energy recovery This function guarantees greater range and perfect manoeuvrability downhill.
Capacity 610 kg The high load capacity is guaranteed by a very strong frame.
Box Length 180 cm There are 2 versions: 180cm and 130cm
Vehicle Length 353 cm  
Vehicle Width 127 cm The small width also allows operation in narrow areas and mountain tracks.
Towing capacity 2000 kg  
Drive rear wheel  
Negotiable slope 35% The ATX utv with Off-Road set-up can perform excellently also in the presence of slopes and loose ground.


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Zero emissions vehicles ATX230E

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Regenerative braking

Electric UTV - Alke'

electric utv cars- up to 3.000kg towing capacity
- no noise and pollution
- up to 1.000kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- off-road capabilities
- all about
electric UTV

Waste collection vehicles

waste collection electric vehicles- load volume 2000 Lt.
- no noise and pollution
- up to 30% slopes
- tipping angle of 90°
- all about
waste vehicles

4x4 Utility Vehicles


4x4 utility vehicles
- permanent 4WD
- up to 1000kg loading capacity
- up to 46% slopes
- perfect for off-road
- all about
4x4 utility vehicles

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