Off-road electric vehicles Alke' Off-road electric vehicles Alke'

Off Road Utility Vehicles

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2-wheel drive off-road vehicles couldn’t be left out of the Alke' range for work in the most extreme conditions. These vehicles can easily tackle any type of terrain and climbs with a slope of up to 35%.


The Off road Utility Vehicles ATX are:

  • ATX 340E - top speed: 44km/h; loading capacity (chassis): 1.220 kg
  • ATX 340EH - top speed: 35 km/h; loading capacity (chassis): 1.575 kg


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Off-road electric vehicles: now you can!

Today, even electric vehicles can be used for the heaviest jobs.
In fact, this type of electric vehicle is ideal on mountain dirt roads, hilly areas, sand, and in all those areas of use that are characterized not only by uneven ground and steep slopes, even by restricted areas of work, thanks to a width of only 127 cm.
The Alkè off-road utility vehicles have excellent performance even when faced with steep slopes, they have a chassis load capacity up to 1220 kg and a towing capacity that reaches 3000 kg in private area and 2000 kg on road.


Electric off-road utility vehicle


The main characteristics of off-road electric utility vehicles Alke' are:

Front suspension with independent wheels that allow better comfort and precision in driving and better stability
Rear suspension with De-Dion bridge and stabiliser bar that adapt to the roughness of the ground making the drive softer
Traction comparable to a four-wheel drive thanks to the geometry of the suspensions that equate them to diesel vehicles for power
Tyres with grip suitable for viscid or crumbly surfaces or wide suitable for working on turfs without damaging them


Crossover Utility Vehicle Alke'


The ATXs with Off Road trim reach a maximum speed of 44 km/h and have a loading bed of 180 cm in length and chassis load capacity of 1.220 kg, if you need a greater load capacity Alkè offers the ATX 340EH with maximum speed of 35 km/h and chassis load capacity of 1.575 kg.
Alke' electric vehicles are extremely versatile because they can be used both in town (type approved for road circulation) and in the most challenging off road.
Below find the features of the Alke' ATX off-road electric utility vehicles with N1 European type approval:


AC Electric Motor With high performance, silent and with minimal maintenance.
Maximum speed: 44 km/h The variator with torque converter provides the maximum torque at any speed, making driving spirited and extremely easy.
Regenerative Brake This function guarantees greater autonomy and perfect downward maneuverability.
Chassis Payload 1.200 kg Top of the range: very few vehicles of this size have such a high load capacity. The high load capacity is guaranteed by a very robust chassis.
Cargo bed length: 180 cm  
Vehicle length: 353 cm  
Vehicle width: 127 cm The small width allows to operate in restricted areas and mountain trails.
Towing: up to 4.500 Kg in private area 2.000 kg on road.
Rear wheel drive  
Maximum negotiable slope: 32% (340E) / 35% (340EH) The ATX utv with Off-Road set-up can perform excellently also in the presence of slopes and loose ground.



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