Alke electric vehicles service and spare parts Alke electric vehicles service and spare parts

Alkè electric vehicles service and spare parts

With over 25 years of experience behind it, Alkè has built up an effective and fast after-sales service, relying on the expertise of its technicians and a network of exclusive distributors.

The main strengths of Alkè service

  • Quality, speed and reliability
  • Solving the problem quickly
  • Use of original spare parts even for older models
  • Clear and transparent quotations before assistance


Alkè electric vehicle after-sales service


Alke after-sales customer service

Alkè service department, located at the company's headquarters, has all the technical, material and human resources necessary to effectively handle all requests. Alkè technicians, dedicated to after-sales service, support our network of exclusive distributors present in more than 40 countries with diagnoses and technical questions, to respond promptly and effectively to the problem. All this is aimed at fulfilling Alkè's commitment to customer satisfaction and getting the vehicle back up and running as quickly as possible.


Maintenance and repair of electric vehicles


Sales network with adequate service structure

All Alkè dealers are equipped with an adequate service structure to intervene promptly and effectively in case of maintenance or service activities. Alkè partnerships include theoretical and practical training sessions with our technicians. Therefore the staff of Alkè dealers are adequately trained to intervene both in case of ordinary maintenance and in case of need. In any case, the Alkè service department is always ready to support dealers if necessary. In addition, Alkè vehicles can be equipped with a platform for monitoring their activities. Thanks to this device, servicing is even simpler and faster because it is possible to see the status of the vehicle in real time as well as a whole series of useful information for diagnosis.


Sale of original Alke electric vehicle spare parts


E-commerce website - Original spare parts in 24/48 h

Customers can count on receiving the required spare parts in a very short time (24-48 hours) and in case of need on remote assistance from the Alkè service office. All spare parts are original, even those for out-of-date models, so that you can be assured of reliable repairs while retaining the original performance of your work vehicle.
To make spare parts management even quicker and more efficient, Alkè partners can make use of the Alkè e-commerce website. Through this site you can purchase the spare parts you need in a simple and intuitive way, further reducing your time. To use this site, you must register and wait for approval from Alkè.


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