Alke' Electric vehicles company fleet Alke' Electric vehicles company fleet

Electric Vehicles Company Fleet

Alke' is the perfect partner to design a company fleet, not only for public institutions, but also for private companies of any size. In fact, it offers a wide range of commercial vehicles from which to choose.

The benefits of an Alke' electric vehicles company fleet

  • Reduction in management and maintenance costs
  • Assistance in designing the fleet also with customised solutions
  • Monitoring and management of the fleet via the Alkè Vehicle Body Computer
  • Multi-tasking vehicles available in many variations
  • Rapid battery charger/removable battery set that can be used on multiple vehicles


Electric powered fleet

Alke' assists you in designing your corporate fleet

Alkè is the perfect partner to assist the fleet manager in designing the composition of the company fleet. In fact, hundreds of set-ups are available, as well as numerous accessories and variations in the models of electric vehicles from which to choose. In this way it is possible to design a fleet of vehicles that satisfies the needs of one's activities. For those with unique requirements, Alké's research and development office can study customised solutions with the client. After having considered the kind of activity to be carried out, the route to be driven, the load, and any other relevant factors, the optimum composition, in terms of both quantity and type of commercial vehicles that will make up the fleet, is studied. Some examples of types of fleets created are: for waste collection and urban maintenance, for manufacturing activities with risk of explosion (explosion-proof vehicles), and for industrial establishments, to name a few. All with the advantage of having a single partner and a single "customisable" platform.


Waste collection vehicles fleet Alke'

Management of the electric powered fleet

When it comes to fleets of vehicles, the most critical aspect is most certainly their management. Alké vehicles are capable of multi-tasking, a single vehicle can perform various activities, and are available in many variations. In this way the fleet manager is able to put together a complete fleet with the advantage of having a single partner to assist in the study of the best possible solution. Alké vans have hundreds of set-ups and numerous accessories from which to choose. There are also models that are suitable for use on both roads and on challenging terrains.
Thanks to both the quick charge system for lithium batteries and the rapid substitution multi-battery system, it is possible to maintain a fleet of vehicles that are always ready to use. Furthermore, the rapid battery charger and the removable batteries can be used on multiple vehicles. In the event that vehicles are to be used in work in spaces that have an explosion risk, Alké can provide fleets of explosion-proof vehicles.


Management and monitoring of company fleet - Fleet management Alke'

Monitoring and optimisation of the electric vehicles fleet

For the fleet managers of private companies or public institutions, optimally and efficiently managing the fleet of vehicles is fundamental. This is why Alké offers vehicles integrated with a fleet management cloud platform and equipped with monitoring tools which are able to anticipate potential dysfunctions and which make it possible to solve any problem quickly. Thanks to the Alkè Vehicle Body Computer it is possible to: remotely monitor one's fleet of vehicles in real time, maintain optimal and efficient management, reduce operating costs, and analyse performance, consumption, position, and maintenance data. This device is also very useful for optimising the routes and logistics of fleets used in cities, for example for waste collection services or for last-mile distribution.


Design of composition and configuration of company fleets - Alke'

Company fleets: from combustion vehicles to electric vehicles

Alke' electric vehicles can satisfy the needs of any sector, which is why it is possible to insert them into your company fleet, integrating them with vehicles that are already in use or, in most cases, replacing traditional combustion vehicles. Relying on electric vehicles for your company fleet is a gesture of environmental responsibility that does not negatively impact performance, which in the case of Alke' vehicles is quite high and often surpasses that of equivalent combustion vehicles. One of the primary advantages of a fleet of electric utility vehicles is, without a doubt, the reduction in management and maintenance costs.



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