pizza vending van Alke

Alke' vehicles with equipment for pizza are a real itinerant pizzeria, with oven and everything you need to prepare a pizza and sell it as 'street food'.
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double cab Alke electric vehicles

Unique in their category the new ATX230ED and ATX240ED electric vehicles have a double cab, 4 seats, so they are the ideal solution for those who need to carry both material and team work.
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refrigerated van Alke'

The Alkè refrigerated electric vans are 100% electric, type-approved for road circulation (category L7e) and are ideal for deliveries in city centres.
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electric vehicles ATX230E

Able to put together lightness and flexibility with power and performance, the new ATX230E are unique in their category.
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waste collection electric vehicles

Alkè presents the new electric vehicles ATX and XT with waste body and bin lift system for a refuse collection completely ecologic and silent.
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new ATX electric vehicles

EU type approval and new technical solutions for the new range of electric vehicles for work Alkè ATX.
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ATEX vehicles

Alke', the company that has been manufacturing electric vehicles since 2000, presents special explosion-proof versions to be used in highly explosive areas.
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ATX vehicles catalogue

electric vehicles catalog atx
Download ATX electric vehicles catalogue

Alke' References

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XT Vehicles Catalog

ATEX vehicles catalog

explosion proof vehicles alke catalog
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