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New Alke ATX 2020: now WLTP approved with up to 200 km autonomy

New Alke' ATX 2020: now WLTP approved with up to 200 km autonomy

The new 2020 range of Alkè ATX electric utility vehicles is WLTP approved and thanks to a new lithium battery set-up can reach now up to 200 km of autonomy. Regulations evolve and Alkè, a pioneer in its category, has adapted to the WLTP procedure. In addition to the WLTP upgrade, Alkè improved the battery compartment in new 2020 models, by upgrading the lithium battery set-up, that is now able to reach a new max autonomy of 200 km.



Innovative and zero-emission waste collection

Alke' ATX for waste collection

Alkè proposes an innovative and zero-emission waste collection

The version of Alkè ATX electric vehicles with waste collection body is designed for organizations that aim at eco-sustainability and reduction of atmospheric and acoustic pollution. There is much talk of smart cities that can improve the quality of urban life through activities that mainly involve the fields of mobility, the environment and energy efficiency. A solution in this sense is provided by Alkè with its ATX electric vehicles equipped with a waste collection body.



Mixed configurations

Alke' electric vehicles with mixed configurations

Mixed configurations: the new born in the Alkè electric vehicles family

The range of configurations offered by the Italian company Alkè expands with the addition in the catalogue of new combinable solutions (COMBI bodies) to satisfy more needs with one vehicle. The 25 years of experience in the sector and the thousands of vehicles sold in more than 40 countries have pushed Alkè to design mixed configurations addressed to those who need to carry out multiple tasks but wants to do it with just one vehicle.



The new ATX range 2019

A new step forward from Alke: just launched the new ATX range 2019

A new step forward from Alke: just launched the new ATX range 2019

New cutting-edge design and performances without compromises: here are specifications of these new electric vehicles 100% made in Italy. The 2019 version of its ATX range of electric transport vehicles, today with a completely new design, concerning both exterior and interior. It is the third generation of a platform born 20 years ago and sold in more than 40 countries worldwide, proof of the solidity of its technical background and the experience of Alke as pioneer in the E-mobility professional sector, at European level and not only.