Alke' electric pickup in Slovenian government headquarters

An Alke' electric pickup ATX210E chosen for the general maintenance tasks in the main venue of the Slovenian Government for diplomatic meetings.

Alke' vehicles at Kensington Palace in London

Historic Royal Palaces organization has choosen an Alke' ATX for Kensington Palace in London that opens its doors to Alke' 100% electric utility vehicles.

ENEL chooses Alke's electric work vehicles

Enel has chosen Alke' electric vehicles for its plants, as part of a wider project of reorganization of its corporate fleet, thanks to "Electric Car. Zero Emissions" project to support electric mobility. When evaluating the model chosen by Enel, a series of tests were carried out to assess its performance.

Ecological Snow Cars for low temperatures at St Moritz Polo Club

Many Alke's Ecological Snow Cars are in use even at the lowest temperatures in many prestigious European industries and leisure centers in ski resorts, polo resorts and mountain towns. Here below you see an Alke ATX with closed loading bed in use at St.Moritz Polo Club.

Solar powered electric delivery van

 As the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands has decreased the pollution in the historic center with the use of  Alke' electric delivery van - electric trucks for transport.

Alke' Vehicles to the royal palace in Copenhagen

ALKE' electrical vehicles in service at the Royal Palace in Copenhagen: Alkè vehicles silently performing their duties on the grounds of the prestigious royal household.

Electric vehicles Alkè at the european football championship

At the european football championship Euro 2008 there were electric vehicles Alkè. This vehicles are used into some football stadiums as electric ambulance.

Green vehicles in Australian botanic gardens

The Rangers of Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra use the Alkè ATX210E for different activities, its versatility has been one of the pluses that have influenced on the choice of the Alke vehicle.

electric trucks for waste management

Alkè ATX electric trucks are part of a fleet of vehicles for an innovative project of waste management at the Kaust University.

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