How and where Alke' electric vehicles are used


National Gymnastics Arena Baku

Alke' ATX range on National Gymnastics Arena Baku

ATX range on National Gymnastics Arena Baku, Azerbaijan

Alke' electric vehicles have been used for sports complexes during Baku 2015 European Games. Indeed one niche of use that is becoming increasingly widespread is within large enclosed environments, including large hospital structures, recreation centres and sports complexes. Within enclosed environments like these, our vehicles also offer the significant advantage of having low noise emissions, thus ensuring the acoustic comfort of the structures' visitors and guests.



Bolzano Nature Park

Alke' electric vehicles at Bolzano Nature Park

Alke' electric vehicles at Bolzano Nature Park, Italy

Just few electric vehicles can reach woods and difficult mountain paths. For these situations Alkè ATX electric vehicles are the suitable vehicles because they have traction comparable to a 4x4, maximum grip on uneven terrains, maximum slope reachable 35%, powerful motor with high torque. This convinced Bolzano nature Park that uses Alkè vehicles for daily activities with animals and park maintenance.




Utrecht electric cargohopper: ALKE' electric delivery van

Utrecht electric cargohopper: electric delivery van

As the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands has decreased the pollution in the historic center with the use of Alke' electric delivery van - electric trucks for transport. The electric delivery van continues with deliveries to shops inside historic center and pedestrian area. Once empty, it collects from shops dry waste, in particular paperboard, paper and empty packagings, for recycling in order to take advantage from the homeward journey.



Kensington Palace - London

Alke' vehicles at Kensington Palace in London, UK

Alke' vehicles at Kensington Palace in London, UK

Historic Royal Palaces organization has choosen an Alke' ATX for Kensington Palace in London that opens its doors to Alke' 100% electric utility vehicles. The ATX electric vehicle used for the maintenance of Kensington Palace terrains is equipped with 55 cm high steel mesh sides and rear drop side that enable increasing the volume of the loading area. This eco-friendly utility vehicle is also equipped with an electro-hydraulic lifting system for the loading bed to easily unload for example branches and leaves.



ENEL - Electric Car. Zero Emissions

ALKE' Electric UTV vehicles - ENEL

ENEL chooses Alke's electric work vehicles

Enel, Italy's largest energy provider, has chosen Alke' electric vehicles for its plants, as part of a wider project of reorganization of its corporate fleet, thanks to "Electric Car. Zero Emissions" project to support electric mobility. When evaluating the model chosen by Enel, a series of tests were carried out to assess its performance: frame strength test, test involving uphill start of the vehicle, test on the batteries' operating time.