Electric Vehicles for Waste Collection

The greenest and quietest waste collection vehicles on the road.

waste collection electric vehicles
The ATX range of Alkè electric vehicles includes a special vehicle equipped with waste collection body, designed for use in cities and towns, sport centres, railway stations, airports, camping sites and tourist villages.
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Why choose Alkè waste collection vehicles:
  • Extremely compact: ideal for narrow streets, city centres and historic centres
  • Electric traction: can operate indoor
  • Extremely powerful: up to 655 kg of loading capacity
  • Road homologation
  • Silent: you can work at any time of day or night

Alkè waste collection vehicle

waste transport electric vehicles alke
Alke municipal waste transport electric vehicle.
Loading capacity [liters] 2.200
Loading capacity [kg] 455 ATX210E - 650 ATX230E

Waste body of 2.2 mq: this electric vehicle has a waste body collection in a corrosion-resistant aluminum with a tipping angle of 90° that allows the waste to be dumped directly into the auto-compacting machines.

Side door waste collection

side door waste collection vehicles 
Side door on both sides.
Side door height [mm] 1.300
Side door on both sides Yes

Side door:  thanks to the side door, loading baskets bags and garbage bags is much easier.

Bin lift for Alkè vehicles

bin lift waste collection
Electric vehicle with waste collection body and bin lift.
Possibility to mount the bin lift: Yes
Container capacity [liters] 120 - 240 - 360

Optional bin lift: it is possible to equip the Alkè waste collection vehicle with a bin lifting system for containers of 120, 240 or 360 liters.

Features Waste Collection Description
Propulsion AC electric motor AC motors provide very high performance while saving energy, therefore lower consumptions.
Max speed 44 km/h (35 km/h in case of H models)  
Motor brake Yes Energy recovery during the braking ensures high safety standards and perfect descent maneuverability, as well as a lowering consumptions.
Autonomy 70 km The maximum range is indicative and evaluated over flat path with use in optimal conditions, ECO mode with proper style and energy saver guide, max speed of 30 km/h, non continuous use (batteries' discharge in 5 hours).
Cost for a full charge € 2  
Length 385 cm  
Width 131 cm The small width allows to operate in restricted area.
Power 8 kW Power and torque available are really aimed to a professional and intensive use.
Max power 14 kW It is the maximum power facing slopes and challenging towing works.
Max negotiable slope 30% ATX models, in their category, are probably the only electric vehicles able to maintain high performance even in presence of slopes and difficult land-types.


Waste collection tarp

tarp waste collection body
Waste collection body tarp

Stabilizers waste collection body

stabilizers waste collection body alke 
Alkè stabilizers waste collection body tarp

Bin lift button panel

bin lift button panel
Lateral bin lift button panel

The vehicle is equipped with a dropping control system using automatic valves and double effect hydraulic cylinders and support feet with stabilization functions for tipping operations. Tipping operations can be controlled on board or with a cable command from the outside.

MSW collecting vehicle

waste collection electric vehicles
Municipal solid waste collection vehicles with bin lift.
Energy recovery during the braking Yes
Zero Emission Vehicle: Yes

Regeneration braking: this vehicle has the regeneration braking. For waste collection vehicles, energy recovery is extremely important for stop-and-go movements and increases the range up to 30%. For this reason, these vehicles are chosen by the municipalities.

Waste transport vehicles

waste transport vehicles 
Alkè waste transport vehicle: dumping into a bin.
Unloading height [mm] 1.450
Suitable to unload into the compactor: Yes

Ideal for campings and municipalities: thanks to their quiet, such vehicles are used, very often, in railways stations, parks and hospitals to load the garbage and bring it to the compactor.

Tipping angle [degrees]: 90°

tipping angle waste collection vehicles
Alkè waste collection vehicle with body lifted up.
Height raised body [mm] 3.650
Tipping angle [degrees] 90

Cab controls: the collection waste body can be controlled directly on board.

A waste collection body tarp can be installed as an option. Electric Alkè waste collection vehicles are used where the waste collection activity has to be done in a continuous and easy way, without disturbing (noiseless) or making pollution (electric motor). You can check on the link the technical features of the electric vehicle for waste collection.

turistic village waste collection electric vehicles
If you wish to know the prices of the Alkè electric waste collection vehicles, write a short message:

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