Rear loader body with compaction system Rear loader body with compaction system

Rear loader body with compaction system

Mini compactors are the optimal solution for waste collection and transport. Such vehicles pile waste (they do not compress it), so they can be used for door-to-door collection of all types of waste, including organic waste and glass.

Why should you choose Alke' rear loader body with compaction system?

  • You can increase the volume of waste loaded
  • They are extremely compact: ideal for city centres
  • They are ideal for collecting organic and glass waste but also other waste
  • They are totally electric and therefore have 0 harmful emissions


Electric vehicle with waste collection tank and rammer

Rear loader body with compaction system: for even more efficient waste collection

Rear loader body with compaction system are vehicles that are used to move waste and better distribute the collected waste in the tipper. They are smaller than conventional compactors and can be driven with a B driving licence. Alkè mini compactors are mounted on the ATX 340EH model with a 250 cm long deck. This equipment consists of a 3.5 m3 waste collection tank with a bin lift system and compactor. The compaction system mounted on Alke refuse collection vehicles is made of aluminium alloy, the top in terms of loading capacity and weather resistance. This system basically consists of a shovel that moves the waste to the front of the container. The compaction system has the function of better distributing the waste in the tipper, increasing the capacity by 2.5 times compared to a normal tipper. Its rounded tank at the bottom facilitates loading and unloading. The complete watertightness, the compaction force and the possibility of handling any type of container make these vehicles ideal for any type of work. Thanks to this system, it is possible to make maximum use of the tank capacity for waste collection.


icon features
  • extremely compact, ideal for city centres
  • model used ATX 340EH with 250 cm platform
  • 3.5 m3 waste collection tipper
  • aluminium alloy compactor
  • B driving licence is sufficient
  • 2.5-fold increase in capacity


Compaction system controls

Controls inside the mini compactor cabin

Rammer for electric vehicle

Rammer for electric vehicle

Tank side opening

Waste collection body with rear loader with compaction system


Where vehicles with tipper and compactor are used

Vehicles with compactors are ideal for waste collection in city centres and busy areas. Their small dimensions allow them to operate in confined spaces without obstructing traffic. Vehicles with this equipment are used in factories and other industrial facilities for the collection of municipal solid waste (MSW), hazardous waste and special waste. They are also used on farms for the collection of organic waste, construction and demolition waste and special waste. Electric vehicles with mini compactors are definitely versatile and efficient solutions for waste collection and transport. The Alkè electric vehicle with mini-compactor represents the typical 'satellite' vehicle, capable of reaching any collection situation with extreme speed, even particularly difficult ones (historic town centres), and of unloading the collected waste into a larger 'mother vehicle' for the final transfer of the waste (landfill-incinerator-composting). Alke waste collection vehicles are all fully electric and extremely versatile. In fact, they can count on a wide range of versions and accessories.


icon features
  • ideal for use in city centres and industrial facilities
  • for the collection of organic and municipal solid waste
  • versatile and efficient solution for waste collection
  • possibility of unloading into larger compactors


Mini-compactor on electric vehicle for waste collection Alkè

Mini compactor or compactor? Which one to choose.

The substantial difference between a mini compactor (or rammer) and a compactor is that the former piles up, while the latter compacts. The choice between one and the other also depends on the type of waste collected. The compaction system is good for all types of waste, while the compactor is not recommended in the case of organic waste or glass. The mini compactor is mounted on small to medium-sized vehicles, so it is more suitable for use in confined areas, such as city centres. We can say that the choice depends on the requirements, needs and type of work to be done.




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