veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè

Our explosion-proof vehicles are oriented to market segments dealing with potentially hazardous environments like chemical and petrochemical industries, production sites of mineral oil and natural gas, mining, tunnel construction and maintenance and many other sectors.

Explosion proof vehicles - atex vehicles 
Electric vehicles used in these areas must be designed to prevent any normal operation of the equipment from igniting the atmosphere and they should be chosen in accordance with ATEX classification of the area in which they will operate. Alkè electric vehicles with explosion-proof conversion are designed according to ATEX 94/9/EC for category 2 (zone 1) and 3 (zone 2), gas/dusts group IIA/IIB, temperature class T3 and for category M2 T450°C for underground activity inside not coal mines tunnels and M2 T150°C for underground activity inside coal mines tunnels. These vehicles are ideal for the use in many industry sectors that operate in potentially hazardous environments.
  • Explosion-proof vehicles according to ATEX 94/9/EC
  • Coverage for category 2 and 3 (surface activity)
  • Coverage for category M2 (underground activity)
Under request the following special versions can also be quoted/supplied: vehicles for environments with presence of explosive materials (eg. Warehouses for ammunitions and products for fireworks) with IP 5X and IP 4X protection; vehicles with temperature class T4 (135°C); vehicles with combined protection 2G+2D or 3G+3D. In addition on request can be evaluated conversions with different certifications from ATEX, such as EX / EE conversions according to USA regulations UL583.
The flameproof conversion regards the general electric circuit, battery and battery connectors and all parts which might cause high temperatures or sparks for various reasons. All original electric components are treated in compliance with requirements for Category 2, 3 and M2, specifically guaranteeing that none of them will be able to cause an ignition or explosion in the surrounding environment. These interventions specifically refer to:

Explosion proof vehicles parts Type of protection
Type of protection 
Electric Motors

 Ex “e” for AC motors

 Ex “e” for AC motors

Solenoid valves  Ex “m”  Ex “n”
Sensors, transducers,
micro switches
 Ex “i” / Ex “e”  Ex “i” / Ex “n”
Control functions  Ex “i”  Ex “i” / Ex “n”

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The surface temperature is checked by specific temperature sensors, according to the temperature class / temperature limit requested, to avoid the risk of overheating. If this occurs the vehicle will automatically shutdown, lighting the indicator. An earth leakage check system (only on 2G/2D/M2 versions) automatically shuts the truck down in case the max value should be exceeded, lighting the indicator on the dashboard panel.

explosion proof vehicles alke catalogAn appropriate “Reset” pushbutton allows the truck to be moved out of the dangerous area in case of temperature and (only on 2G/2D/M2 versions) earth leakage sensor’s alarms intervention. The electric wiring is done by using both armoured and non armoured cables, blue cables for connection of components protected with intrinsic safety mode and with certified cable glands for proper category. Bipolar battery cut-off switch is provided. 
On 2G/2D/M2 flameproof utility vehicles the battery is Ex-e type with battery filling system. Battery connectors are Ex-d type certified. On 3G/3D versions battery and battery connectors comply with the standard EN 60079-15.
ATEX electric vehicles particular
The disc or brake drums are provided with wear and temperature sensors to guarantee any possible wearing out of the braking material which might cause sparks due to the metal rubbing together and that a high friction temperature might exceed the value of the temperature class / limit. 
On 2G/2D/M2 explosion-proof vehicles seats are covered with antistatic material and external surface of plastic components, when necessary, is treated with electro conducting coating.
All tyres are electro-conductive. Accessories, such as flashing beacon, reversing beeper, headlights are explosion-proof.



Electric vehicles with ATEX certification: electric vehicles for use in potentially explosive areas, that require ATEX approval, for oil and gas processing plants, tunnels, chemical plants.


  • extremely solid explosion-proof vehicles
Alkè models available with ATEX explosion-proof conversion are ATX210E and ATX2400E, main differences between them are:
Load capacity up to 500kg up to 1.000kg
Towing capacity up to 2.000kg up to 3.000kg
8 kWh (std./gel cat. 2)
8.7 kWh (std./gel cat. 3)
14.4 kWh (std. cat. 2/3)
11.5 kWh (gel cat. 2/3)
These units have chassis treated with Cataphoresis anticorrosion process and it is built using tubular steel sections dimensioned to support heavy duty operations.
The front bodywork of the vehicle, the control panel and coverings and the back of the cab are built in reinforced fibreglass and finished with car paint (fibreglass is flexible, resistant to blows and can be easily repaired in the case of accidents).
Atex electric vehicles
Atex electric vehicles
Atex vehicles for use in potentially explosive areas.
These models have AC motors with very high torque and smooth distribution which prevents skidding and loss of grip also on high risk land-types (sand, snow or ice) and guarantee start-up in ascent with hesitation.
Thanks to their special motors and CURTIS controllers, the ATXs raise the power, if necessary, by 8 kW nominal to a peak of 14 kW to allow operations even in the presence of uneven land and slopes. 
  • Chassis with anticorrosion treatment
  • AC motors 8 kW (14 kW peak)
  • Superable gradients up to 25%
The range on standard routes can reach up to 100 Km and covers without problems an entire working day even where frequent stops are required for load and unload operations.
The electric ATXs have an energy recovery motor brake system, which in the stopping phase prevents all waste of power and wear of the brakes.
  • Up to 100 Km range
  • Regenerative braking
  • High frequency battery chargers
ATEX electric vehicles
The special external battery chargers used by these vehicles guarantee a greater number of charges with respect to the technologies commonly used (greater number of charges = longer life of the battery set = saving of management costs).
It is not necessary to wait for the battery to be totally flat before re-charging it, the so-called “memory effect” present in other lower sectors is not found here.
The investment for an ATX is re-paid in average terms by the maintenance costs, which are must lower if compared with equivalent diesel and petrol vehicles: maintenance is almost inexistent and there are noteworthy savings in fuel consumption. For an entire day’s work the cost for the complete charging of the battery sets is less than 2 euro.
It is important to know that the technical life, in working hours, of an electrical vehicle of this type is generally double, if not triple, with respect to a conventional fuel vehicle.
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Life 3 times than a fuel vehicle
  • Cost of a complete charging less than 2 Euro  
The advantages in using Alkè explosion proof vehicles are many: more safety and healthy environment, great cost advantages, improved efficiency for the activities.
Powerful, robust and with ATEX certification: this ATEX electric vehicles have AC motors (suitably adapted to follow ATEX regulations) with maximum torque at zero rpm and progressive supply of power and seamless to avoid skidding and loss of grip even on groung traditionally considered highly dangerous (sand, snow or ice)*. All electronics and components on the electric vehicles are fully endorsed for the strict ATEX electrics certification for ATEX directive.


* As to have ATEX certification you should have particular components or modifications, some features may be different from those of standard vehicles. Informations here included are for illustration purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
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