More safety, great cost advantages and improved efficiency in using Alkè explosion proof electric vehicles for activities made in oil, NGL and natural gas processing plants.

explosion proof vehicles for oil, NGL, natural gas processing plants
Alke' explosion proof vehicles for oil and gas production sites
The production sites of oil, NGL and natural gas are certainly among the sectors at higher risk of explosion. For this reason they need devices that are in accordance with ATEX regulations to avoid the risk of igniting the atmosphere.
Alkè explosion proof electric vehicles are designed according to ATEX 94/9/EC and can cover a wide range of ATEX classification categories.
Inside the oil and gas processing plants the Alkè explosion proof vehicles can be used for many activities:
  • to carry workers who have to move from one point to another of the plant
  • to carry equipment and tools for daily operations and maintenace activities
  • to provide rescue using the explosion proof electric ambulance model 
oil NGL natural gas processing plants
This type of vehicles are designed to operate inside hazardous areas where the other traditional combustion vehicles are not allowed and guarantee a greater plant efficiency and greater safety for all the people who work inside the production site.
The advantages in using Alkè explosion proof vehicles in oil, NGL and natural gas processing plants are many:
  • minimize the time taken for manual transportation of equipments
  • minimize the time taken for transportation of person
  • less time for maintenance operations 
  • improve the efficiency of the plant
  • save time and efforts
  • provide an healthy and safe work environment
  • equipment idle time will decrease
  • minimize the shutdown time
  • do not require any inspection before entering the plant
  • totally eliminate the risk of explosion in case of any human or inspection equipment error
  • the visual inspection personnel can cover more areas of the plant in a shorter time, saving their strength and increasing their productivity
The Alkè explosion proof vehicles have also other advantages: a great capacity of mobility thanks to their compact dimensions and high performance also in off-road areas; less maintenance costs; they don't pollute (zero CO2 emissions) and are silent. 
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