If you are not satisfied of the usual golf car but you have to deal with slopes of 35%, loads of 500-1630 kg, the solution is an ALKE' electric golf car.

Electric golf car
Golf Car Alke' at Euro
Electric golf car
Golf cars are used for a long time inside golf courses. The typical use of a golf cart is to move people.
Alkè golf cars are much more powerful because they have a 8 kW engine instead of one with a power of 2 kW, so they are used for the maintenance of various golf clubs, to move luggage, and in general for all works in which a golf car is no longer enough because it does not have the power and loading capacity needed.
Another aspect that differentiate Alkè golf cars from a golf cart is the structure of the chassis: chassis of Alkè electric utv for work are taken from off-road vehicls. For this reason Alke' electric golf cars are particularly suited to difficult work situations.

Characteristic Description
Eco-friendly vehicle No air pollution
Silent vehicle No noise pollution
Much more powerful engine Best in our sector: with a 8Kw engine (peak of 14Kw) it is able to face up to 35% slopes
Good range with up to 130 km it is one of the electric golf car with greater range.
Excellent loading capacity According to the various models we have a loading capacity ranging between 500kg and 1000kg
Very strong structure The chassis is derived from Alke' off-road 4x4 utv.
Content consumption With 2 Euros you have 70Km of range with a high energy saving.
Good towing capacity Alkè electric utv are able to tow up to 4500 Kg.


Another consideration to be done is: which is the maximum slope that is found inside the golf club?
Alke' vehicles are able to face up to 35% slopes, a truly unparalleled and unreachable result for a golf cart.

Another advantage of using an Alkè electric golf car for the maintenance of golf courses is the reduction of maintenance costs, keep in mind that an Alkè vehicle that has a range of about 70Km makes a full recharge with only 1,5 Euros.
In addition, with eco-friendly Alkè vehicle you can make the maintenance of green spaces without adversely affecting the environment and with full respect for customers.
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