veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè

The Alkè refrigerated electric vans are 100% electric, type-approved for road circulation (category L7e) and are ideal for deliveries in city centres.    

Alke' refrigerated electric van 
Commercial vehicles with isothermal storage unit


What are the advantages in choosing Alkè refrigerated electric vans:

  • 100% electric - Zero CO2 emissions
  • ATP certified (cell + refrigerating unit)
  • Can be used also in limited traffic zones
  • Extremely small (127cm)
  • Possibility of use in warehouses and closed places
  • Autonomous refrigeration on the road

The Alkè ATX with cold storage unit is equipped with a removable isothermal box and refrigerating unit, all ATP certified, with temperature of 0°/+4°C and 12 V power supply on the road and 220 V from the mains. This system allows to refrigerate also during transport, via power supply from the battery.

These vans, set up with cold storage unit, are useful for anyone having to transport perishable foodstuffs such as fruit, vegetables, fish, meat or other fresh products in general, but that's not all; they can also be used to transport flowers, medical/health products or other goods for which the cool chain must not be interrupted.

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This table summarises the main technical features of the Alkè refrigerated electric vans:

Features Description
Maximum load capacity 340 - 715 kg (depending on the model)
Useful storage volume 1.5 m3
External dim. of the cold storage unit 1800x1200x1200 mm
Width 1250 mm
Minimum turning radius 320 cm
Refrigerating unit ATP type-approved, temperature 0°C/+4°C
Thickness of walls 100 mm
Autonomy 60 - 90 km (depending on the model)

For further information regarding the technical features of the Alkè isothermal electric vans see the technical sheet.


There is an LCD in the cab for remote control of the temperature inside the refrigerated box. The isothermal box is made up from sandwich panels in fibreglass and rigid expanded polyurethane, with tongue-and-groove joints to optimize refrigeration. The finishing is in white gelcoat, specific for use with foodstuffs. The external finishings are realised with pre-painted aluminium press-bent sections. The storage unit and the refrigerating unit mounted on Alkè isothermal commercial vehicles guarantee the user maximum safety on ensuring respect of the cold chain.

The cold storage unit on the Alkè refrigerated vans has two openings, one rear and one lateral. The rear opening measures 990x950 mm, while the lateral opening measures 560x920 mm.

The Alkè refrigerated electric van is ideal for use in an urban context, thanks to its small size and the absence of CO2 emissions. In fact, it is perfect for the delivery of goods to shops, to private customers shopping from home, which is an activity becoming increasingly more popular, especially in large cities. Thanks to the absence of CO2 and noise emissions, it can also be used inside warehouses to fill up refrigerated cabinets in retail outlets and also inside hospitals, passing from one department to another to supply medicines or transport other healthcare material which requires a determined temperature for its correct preservation.


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