Alke' Electric Vehicles - ATX - Type approved for road use

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Electric Vehicles ATX 210E

electric vehicles atx210e
ATX210E -The best selling Alke' professional electric vehicle loading capacity (chassis): 635 kg max. towing capacity: 2.000 kg.

Off road electric vehicles ATX 230E

off road electric vehicle atx230e
Zero emission vehicle suitable also for off-road, max negotiable slope: 35%

Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 240E

Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 240E
Electric Utility Vehicles for intensive use in industrial and civil areas loading capacity (chassis): 1.000 kg max. towing capacity: 3.000 kg

Mini Pickup ATX 110E

small electric pickup atx 110e
Small electric vehicle for uses that require tight turning radiuses loading capacity (chassis): 645 kg towing capacity: 2.000 kg

Double cab ATX ED

Electric Vehicles Double Cab ATX ED
4-seater electric vehicle for transporting both work groups and materials. Load capacity (chassis): up to 1,450 kg.

ATEX Electric Vehicles

atex electric vehicles
Explosion-proof vehicles for potentially explosive areas categories: 2G/2D, 3G/3D, M2



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Alke' electric vehicles
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