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Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 340E

Electric Utility Vehicles ALKE' ATX 340E
Electric Utility Vehicles for intensive use in industrial and civil areas loading capacity (chassis): 1.630 kg max. towing capacity: 4.500 kg.

Off road electric vehicles ATX 330E

Off road electric vehicles ALKE' ATX330E
Zero emission vehicle suitable also for off-road, max negotiable slope: 35%.

Electric Vehicles ATX 320E

Electric Vehicles ALKE' ATX 320E
ATX320E -The best selling Alke' professional electric vehicle loading capacity (chassis): 610 kg max. towing capacity: 2.000 kg.

Mini Pickup ATX 310E

Small Electric Pickup ALKE ATX 310E
Small electric vehicle for uses that require tight turning radiuses loading capacity (chassis): 620 kg, towing capacity: 2.000 kg.

Double cab ATX ED

Electric Vehicles Double Cab ALKE' ATX ED
4-seater electric vehicle for transporting both work groups and materials. Load capacity (chassis): up to 1,450 kg.

ATEX Electric Vehicles

ATEX - Explosion proof electric vehicles
Explosion-proof vehicles for potentially explosive areas categories: 2G/2D, 3G/3D, M2.


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Electric Utility Vehicles ATX

High performance levels and state of the art design
Electric Utility Vehicles Alkè ATX - High performance levels and state of the art design


The range of electric utility vehicles ATX is characterised by technical solutions which are the result of years of experience and tests in the field, and from the type-approval for road circulation on a European level (category N1). The Alkè ATX vehicles are fitted with high torque engines and gradual power distribution allowing them to handle the most difficult off-road terrain or for intensive industrial uses. They are available with 5 different wheelbases and compartments with 2 or 4 seats. They can operate with different types of batteries including quick-charge Lithium batteries or quick-change multiple battery systems.


Alke' ATX Dashboard

Alke' ATX Dashboard
The ATX dashboard has a multifunction Display and other elements that improve the driving experience.

Cab interior

Cab interior
The cab can be accessorised with various optionals, including the radio with USB and Bluetooth.

Alke' ATX - Rear axle

Alke' ATX - Rear axle
The reinforced rear axle means that the ATX can support a chassis of up to 1.630 kg.


The electric utility vehicles ATX are available with hundreds of options for the loading area. From a technological point of view, they can be equipped with a body computer which connects all the vehicle devices to the Alkè cloud for real time monitoring of the activities on the vehicle as well as remote troubleshooting, which is also available in real time. The range of electric utility vehicles ATX is used every day in different sectors, from industry to logistics, from tourism to the public sector, as well as in critical environments with extreme temperatures.


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Alke' electric vehicles accessories Alke' electric vehicles accessories




The technical features of the ATX range

Autonomy up to 200 km The maximum autonomy is in relation to the model with the 20 kW lithium battery. It is indicative and refers to homologation data collected on WLTP cycle basis (combined circuit) with an configuration Alke’ ATX vehicle with basic flatbed configuration.
Negotiable slope up to 35% ATX vehicles are probably the only electric utility vehicles in the category which are able to maintain high performance levels even when faced with difficult terrain or uphill stretches.
Load capacity up to 1.630 kg An extremely robust structure ensures a high load capacity.
Towing capacity up to 4.500 kg On private areas (2.000 kg on roads).



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