Work safely in high-risk environments as are tunnels, with the Alke' explosion proof electric ambulance that can provide a first rapid intervention.

explosion proof vehicles for tunnels
Alke' explosion proof vehicles for construction and maintenance of tunnels
The request for safety in tunnels is growing day by day. Thanks to Alkè explosion proof electric vehicles, and in particular the ambulance version, it is possible to work safely also in high-risk environments.
The explosion proof ambulance can be placed inside or near the entrance of tunnels because it can prevent any normal operation of the equipment from igniting the atmosphere due to the presence of methane.
Inside tunnels the most common causes of ignition, which can generate combustion are:
  • contact with open flame
  • contact with electric shock
  • contact with hot surfaces 
  • contact with sparks
The explosion proof electric ambulance can save lives in case of injury in hazardous areas with limited space where normal ambulance can not operate. The Alkè explosion proof ambulance is only 1560 mm large with side mirrors open and for this reason can easily reach any point of the tunnel without loss of time during the first rescue operations.
All original components are treated in compliance with requirements for ATEX certification, guaranteeing that none of them will be able to cause an ignition or explosion in the surrounding environment.
The advantages in using the Alke' explosion proof electric ambulance are:
  • immediate intervention in case of accidents
  • can reach any location, also the narrowest points of the tunnel
  • completely eliminates the risk of fire and explosions
  • the work inside the tunnel achieves higher safety standards
  • healthy and safe work environment
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