Vehicles with body tarp ALKE'

Vehicles with body tarp

Alke' vans with body tarp, fully electric, are expressly designed to meet delivery service needs, even delicate materials.


Why choose an Alke' electric vehicle with body tarp?

  • It can be used both in the road and indoors
  • Made entirely in Italy
  • It's only 140 cm wide
  • Loading capacity up to 1.500 Kg
  • Saving on management costs and fuel


Electric vehicle with body tarp ALKE'


Electric Vehicles with body tarp for freight transport

ATX vehicles with body tarp are therefore the ideal meass of transport for all kind of goods in the stations, hypermarkets, hospitals, construction sites, downtown.
ATX are equipped with rib, that can be opened in the three sides to falicilitate goods loading.
Entirely made in Italy, with Europen road omologation, our Alke electric vehicles with body tarp are approved as a heavy N1 for the transport of good. They can circulate without any restrictions both indooors (warehouses, factories,stations driveways,etc...) and outside on the public road ( goods delivery to shops, freight trasnport by couriers, etc.). With it compact dimension, just 140 cm size, electric vehicles with body tarp have the opprtunity to circulate even in narrow places and dropes sides facilitate good loading. The body tarp can be assembled on all ATX models, road and heavy duty.


ALKE' Electric Van - Body Tarp


The technical fetaures of these vans are the following:


Tarp height 108 cm
Tarp opening three sides
Maximum load capacity 1.500 kg
Custom colour of the tarp available as optional
Custom dimensions of the tarp available as optional
Traction 100% eletric


Tarpaulin vehicle

Tarpaulin vehicle

Van body tarp for residences

Van body tarp for residences

Custom body tarp

Custom body tarp


Safe and ecologic

Alké Vans with body tarp are fully electric with zero emission , furthemore they are very silent and fully in accordance with the reduction of noise polluton in urban areas. Thanks to these important characteristic have free access to limited traffic zone, downtown, pedestrian and residential areas; they also allow users in carrying out various task and operation, without disturbing residents.



ALKE' Electric Utility Vehcile with Body Tarp
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