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The Alkè XT goods vehicle is N1 type approved (truck) at a European level; a small, high performance goods vehicle.

Goods vehicle XT type approval N1
XT goods vehicle with N1 type approval
Goods vehicle for use on roads 

In general, motor vehicles designed and built to transport goods, having at least 4 wheels and mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, lie within the N1 type approval (truck) category in international classification. These means vehicles with N1 type approval can be driven by holders of a normal driving licence. The type approval number or code characterises each type of vehicle and unmistakably identifies the technical specifications (motor type, type of bodywork, number of seats, characteristic dimensions, etc.).

The vehicles with N1 type approval are often known as light goods vehicles in order to distinguish them from the heavy or industrial types.
A series of deductions are envisioned for trucks with N1 type approval (depending on the Country): for example in Italy the total deduction of VAT is envisioned as well as the costs of use and the payment of the road tax and third party liability regarding the load limit, therefore with values lower than those envisioned for cars. The saving is even greater for goods vehicles because, as well as a reduction of costs with respect to combustion engine vehicles in the same category, in many countries they are entitled to concessions, such as free parking and unlimited access to restricted traffic areas.
The Alkè XT range of goods vehicles is also type approved as a truck in compliance with category N1 and more accurately as a “complete vehicle” when ordered with standard configuration of the loading deck or as “incomplete vehicle” when ordered for further customisations of the loading area.
N1 type approval allows access to all concessions and incentives that this type approval allows.
The fact of having N1 type approval at a European Level simplifies the on the road documents in Europe but not only.
The XT goods vehicle was designed initially for use on roads, for logistics in historical town centres, by municipally-owned companies for the collection of waste or maintenance activities, for postal delivery services. These goods vehicles allow to access areas often off limits to other types of vehicles and thanks to their small size can pass through the narrow alleyways in historical town centres, including those located in hilly or mountainous areas, with very steep slopes.
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