Commercial vehicle with tarpaulin cover

Safe and sustainable freight transport

If you are looking for a safe and totally sustainable mode of freight transport, electric vehicles with a curtain sider are the ideal solution. This set-up makes it possible to transport large volumes of goods while maintaining their integrity.

Why should you choose a commercial vehicle with tarpaulin cover?

  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly: no emissions or noise
  • Easy and manoeuvrable to drive, with ergonomic cab
  • N1 type-approved for road circulation


Electric commercial vehicle with tarpaulin cover and towing trailer

Electric vehicles with tarpaulin cover cargo bed

All Alke models can be equipped with a tarpaulin cover, including the long wheelbase version with 250 cm bodywork. The height of the tarpaulin body is 108 cm, but customised dimensions may be available according to customer requirements. The colour of the tarp cover can also be customised if required. The tarpaulin cover can be easily opened on three sides to facilitate the loading and unloading of goods. The compact dimensions and small turning radius make these vehicles particularly suitable for use in city centres and in logistics and industrial facilities. Thanks to their high performance, the Alke' electric vehicles with chassis and tarpaulin body can transport loads of up to 1,500 kg and tackle gradients of up to 35%. The ribbed or tarpaulin set-up can also be realised on double-cab models with 4 seats, for transporting work teams. Alke' electric commercial vehicle with tarpaulin cover are fitted with latest-generation lithium batteries that guarantee autonomy of up to 200 km and fast recharging. The body can be equipped with a load securing system to guarantee greater safety.


Body curtain with opening on three sides
icon alke

Height: 108 cm
Customisable: size and colour
The tarpaulin cover can be opened on three sides

Type-approved electric vehicle ALKÈ - Curtain sided or tarpaulin
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N1 type-approved for road circulation



Electric vehicles with tarpaulin cover: areas of application

Electric commercial vehicles with a tarpaulin cover are a versatile and reliable solution for transporting goods in various contexts. They are ideal for 'last mile' deliveries in city centres, thanks to their quiet operation and access to LTZs. These vehicles are suitable for transporting goods over medium distances, with a range of up to 200 km. They can be used for the distribution of e-commerce products or the delivery of parcels and packages. Electric vehicles with a curtain sider offer a large load capacity for transporting furniture and bulky items. They enable environmentally sustainable removals, reducing environmental impact. They can also be used for events and exhibitions to transport equipment, fittings and materials. Tarpaulin vans are also suitable for transporting agricultural products, such as fruit, vegetables and flowers. Electric vehicles with tarpaulin cover are certainly cost-effective in the medium to long term because they have lower running costs than conventional petrol or diesel vehicles. The savings translate into lower vehicle fuel costs and reduced maintenance.


Electric work vehicle with tarpaulin cover



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