Chassis cab electric vehicle Chassis cab electric vehicle

Chassis cab electric vehicle

The chassis cab electric vehicle consists of a chassis with driver's cab and no bodywork. Designed to be adapted to the specific needs of the customers, it allows the vehicle to be equipped with special fittings, guaranteeing great flexibility of use.

Why choose the Alke chassis-cab electric vehicle?

  • Possibility of fitting out the vehicle with special equipment
  • Totally electric therefore with 0 harmful emissions
  • Reduced maintenance: electric motors have simpler mechanics
  • Possibility of installing a cloud system for monitoring


Chassis cab electric commercial vehicle Alke

Electric vehicle chassis for customised fittings

The Alkè electric commercial vehicle can have a closed cabin with two or four seats. Driving comfort is guaranteed. It is an agile and robust work vehicle, suitable for transporting goods and equipment. Alkè electric vehicles have hundreds of fittings available in the catalogue, but sometimes the customer requires special equipment. In the case of customised fittings, the chassis electric commercial vehicle is the ideal solution. This allows the vehicle to be fitted with an infinite number of equipment types, guaranteeing great flexibility of use. The electric chassis truck can be flexibly transformed into the vehicle that best suits your business. The right equipment is required to get the job done. Alkè electric chassis trucks can be converted with maximum flexibility into the vehicle that best suits your business. The main feature of the chassis electric commercial vehicle is its flexibility. The chassis can be fitted with different types of equipment, such as vans, dropside bodies, tail lifts, tarp covers, refrigerated bodies and more, creating a vehicle tailored to the specific needs of the customers.


icon features
  • flexibility of use
  • vehicle tailored to the needs of the customers
  • 2- or 4-seat cab
  • 100% electric: non-polluting and silent


Electric chassis vehicle for customised fittings

Technical characteristics of the electric chassis-electric commercial vehicle

The Alkè ATX chassis has a load capacity of up to 1630 kg. The towing capacity is up to 4500 kg in private area and 2000 kg on public roads. The customer can choose between a load area of 130 - 180 - 200 - 250 cm, depending on the set-up to be realised and the required load volume. Alkè electric vehicles can reach an autonomy of 200 km with a 20-kWh lithium battery. They are available in two-seater or four-seater cab versions for work teams. They are compact but extremely robust electric commercial vehicles. They can also be used in very heavy work conditions, as well as on rough terrain or off-road. The chassis electric commercial vehicle can be equipped by choosing from a wide range of Alkè vehicle accessories. One of the features that distinguishes Alkè vehicles from all others is their modularity. A wide range of fittings are already available in the price list. Having the option of choosing an electric chassis commercial vehicle makes them even more flexible and customisable according to specific customer requirements.


icon features
  • load capacity up to 1630 kg
  • towing capacity up to 4500 kg (private area)
  • four load area sizes: 130 - 180 - 200 - 250 cm
  • ideal for both on-road and off-road use


Customisation on Alkè chassis cab vehicles




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