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Electric low speed vehicles (LSV) & road legal vehicles Electric low speed vehicles (LSV) & road legal vehicles

Electric low speed vehicles (LSV) & road legal vehicles

For road and street freight transport - Load capacity 1,630 kg

Alke' manufactures road-legal low speed vehicles, all equipped with a tipper. These are environmentally friendly vehicles that are ideal for transporting goods by road. Low-speed electric vehicles are vehicles designed for use in large city centres, holiday resorts, and large companies. They are a good choice for companies operating in closed or confined environments, such as warehouses, factories and airports. They are also a good choice for companies that need to transport goods or people over short distances.


Why choose street legal low speed vehicles

  • Homologated for road use
  • Chassis load capacity up to 1,630 kg - Autonomy up to 200 km
  • Extremely compact
  • Ability to circulate without restrictions
  • High performance even in off-road


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Low speed vehicles ATX

Low-speed vehicles with three-side tipper
Low-speed vehicle - Approved electric vehicle with tipper


Streel legal Utility vehicles - All configurations approved for road use

Alkè street legal utility vehicles are approved as category N1 at European level. The use of zero-emission vehicles is ideal for all activities that take place on medium-range routes and with frequent stop-and-go, thanks to the energy recovery system during braking. These vehicles are therefore the ideal choice for those who carry out waste collection services, for those who manage logistics activities (whether related to the delivery of parcels or goods in general), but also for activities related to the transport of food or perishable goods. Street legal low speed vehicles also offer free access to restricted traffic zones and, in some cases, the possibility of parking free of charge in pay car parks. Another advantage is in terms of costs, which are considerably lower than with combustion vehicles. Alke' road legal low speed vehicles come with hundreds of different configurations in addition to the tipper, which are always type-approved for road use:


Loading bed Electric tipper vans LSV with steel mesh sides
Cargo bed with 3 way tipper Vehicles with body tarp Vehicles with storage box


Configurations street legal low speed vehicles Alke'


Road-legal low speed vehicles Alkè: compact and robust

All Alke' road-legal low speed vehicles are equipped with three-point seat belts, a Curtis digital display with speed indicator, odometer, battery level indicator and other functions. Alkè vehicles can also cope with off-road routes and significant gradients of up to 35%, proving to be extremely versatile. The versatility of these vehicles can be seen both in their ability to operate both on the road and on off-road, as well as in their modularity, with the various fittings being easily interchangeable. The Alke street legal LSV are extremely compact but at the same time robust, with a chassis load capacity of up to 1,630 kg and towing capacity of up to 4,500 kg (in a private area) and 2,000 kg (on the road). The autonomy can be up to 200 km with Lithium batteries, in any case thanks to the quick charging system or the quick battery replacement system Alkè vehicles are always ready for use. Being fully electric, they have no restrictions on circulation in city centres or enclosed spaces.


Low speed vehicles for work


Low-speed vehicles (LSVs) for work

There are different types of low-speed vehicles. Golf cars are one example, as are leisure vehicles such as mini buggies. Alkè low speed vehicles, on the other hand, are specifically designed for work use, such as vehicles for transporting goods or people to airports, industrial plants or tourist facilities, to name a few examples. Alke' LSVs find use in a wide range of sectors, offering a practical, efficient and sustainable solution for moving people and goods in specific contexts. Within industrial plants and warehouses, Alkè LSVs are used to transport materials, components and finished products. Their loading capacity and ease of maneuvering make them ideal for moving goods efficiently within confined spaces. Alkè low speed vehicles are used for green maintenance, transportation of tools and waste, and land control. Alkè low speed vehicles are also available in explosion-proof ATEX versions for potentially explosive environments, such as chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and natural gas production sites. All Alkè vehicles can be equipped with the Alkè Cloud, which enables real-time provision of key operating data for your electric vehicle.




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