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Electric Warehouse utility vehicles for sale Alke'


Electric Warehouse Vehicles for sale


Alke' electric warehouse vehicles are transverse vehicles used for handling goods in all sectors, particularly suitable for transport in enclosed spaces thanks to their all-electric drive.


Why you should choose an Alke' warehouse vehicle

  • Extremely compact: 140 cm
  • Great load capacity: 1630 kg (chassis)
  • Huge towing capacity: 4500 kg private areaa 2000 kg on road
  • Electric vehicle approved for road circulation N1


Compact and powerful logistics vehicles

Alke electric warehouse vehicles are capable of pulling one or more trucks with a towing capacity of up to 4,500 kg. Although very compact, these warehouse machines are capable of transporting up to 1630 kg (chassis). They are very compact and manoeuvrable vehicles capable of transporting up to three pallets at the same time. Ideal for transporting goods from the warehouse to the production unit in different types of industries, but also in airports, railway stations or in the public sector. These logistics vehicles can achieve an autonomy of up to 200 km with a lithium battery, and can be equipped with an additional set of retractable batteries for round-the-clock operation if there is a need to work on a continuous cycle, such as in some production facilities and airports. They are the ideal solution for eliminating manual handling of loads and speeding up movements.


Electric-powered logistics vehicles


Road-approved warehouse utility vehicles

These electric warehouse vehicles can also be equipped with one or more trailers with sides or steel mesh sides, depending on the customer's needs. In this configuration, it is also possible to use these warehouse vehicles on the road as they are N1 approved. There are several models of Alkè warehouse utility vehicles, the most suitable for use in the toughest and most continuous conditions is certainly the ATX 340E, built with first-class technical solutions derived directly from the forklift world. Alke' warehouse vehicles manage to combine high performance with compact dimensions. This allows high loads to be handled while at the same time passing easily through the aisles of warehouses. Alkè warehouse utility vehicles can be ATEX certified for use in hazardous areas.




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