The Alkè maintenance and street cleaning vehicles thanks to their modularity are suitable for various activities from waste collection, to snow removal, to maintenance of green spaces.

maintenance and street cleaning Alke' vehicles
Maintenance and street cleaning vehicles
Photo: Ingo Schneider

Alkè is able to offer to the local and municipal administrations maintenance and street cleaning vehicles with zero emissions and many set-up variants, so that the vehicles are capable of responding in an optimal manner to the specific use.

In particular the Alkè maintenance and street cleaning vehicles have the following set-ups:

waste collection body Alke'

The maintenance and street cleaning vehicles with waste removal are used to collect and transport waste and the set-up with protections, which is also used for the maintenance of the public green space. In case of snow and ice the vehicles with snow blade and salt spreader turn out to be very useful thanks to the fact that they are very compact, are suitable both for cleaning squares and streets but also pavements and bicycle trails.


Alke' XT tail liftThe vehicles with hydraulic panel are very useful for example to facilitate the handling of garbage bins or heavy, large equipment.
The Alkè vehicles with cargo bed with borders are used for all road maintenance activities, with a high load capacity, no exhaust gas emissions, and extremely compact, they are ideal both for historical centres and large cities.



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The Alkè maintenance and road cleaning vehicles are modular, and the various types of equipment can be easily interchanged. In this way it is possible have a vehicle capable of always responding in the best way to the specific street cleaning and maintenance needs.


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