Electric tipper vans

Tipper vans with electric drive and 1.630 kg load capacity

Electric tipper vans - Tipper vans with electric drive and 1.630 kg load capacity


Tipper vans with electric drive to transport goods in the city centre, in restricted traffic areas, in historical centres. Compact vans (just 127 cm) and load capacity up to 1.630 kg.



Why to choose Alke' electric tipper vans?

  • 1.630 kg load capacity
  • Approved for road circulation
  • Extremely compact vehicle
  • Maximum negotiable slope up to 35%, among the best
  • Completely made in Italy


Electric vehicles – ATX range

electric tipper vans
Electric vehicles - ATX Range - Electric tipper vans


Lots of configurations and applications

Alke' electric tipper vans can be used for the transport of baggages and various goods, packages, craftsmens' equipments and in construction sites, also in public roads because type approved. In case of necessity to face difficult dirt roads or sandy grounds, Alke' mini trucks are available also in the off-road version. These vehicles have a dropside body of 1.3 m, 1.8 m or 2.0 m. Alke' electric tipper vans are ideal for stop and go in city centres and in restricted traffic areas, for home delivery, for delivery of goods to the historical centres shops and for transport of packages. There are hundreds of possible configurations, with mesh sides extensions, with electro-hydraulic lift, with tarpaulin body, with waste collection body, version with snow-blade, electric ambulance version and ATEX explosion-proof version.


Dropside body Waste collection vehicle Utility vehicles with mesh sides
Refrigerated electric vans Vans with tarpaulin body Vehicles with front storage box


Alke electric tipper vehicles


ATX electric vehicles: compact and robust

Alke' tipper vans are particularly recommended also for hill located centres, thanks to the ability to face up to 35% slopes. Alke' electric tipper vans have an energy recovery braking system allowing to reduce energy consumption further. With a charge of electric energy of just 1,50-2,0 euro, it can be covered up to 150 km (according to the battery that is set up).



Alke ATX range - Electric tipper vans
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Electric vehicles ATX 210E

electric vehicles atx210e
Maximum load capacity

Maximum towing capacity


The best seller work vehicle
Particularly suited in town centres for home delivery, catering services, waste collection or to support professionals that have to move in restricted traffic areas with tools and materials. It is the ideal choice for camp sites, resorts and other tourism structures.

Off-road electric vehicles ATX 230E

off road electric vehicle atx230e
Maximum loading capacity

Maximum negotiable slope


The best for all-terrain, with maximum towing capacity of 4.500 kg
This is the best choice in terms of agility and performance, ideal for off-road applications even on difficult terrain such as sand, snow and ice. For this reason, it is often chosen by tourism structures in coastal areas or resorts in the hills or mountains. In industrial environments, airports and railway stations

Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 240E

Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 240E
Maximum loading capacity

Maximum towing capacity


The work electric vehicle with exceptional performance
This is the top model which ensures maximum flexibility in terms of battery selection as it can count on quick-charge Lithium batteries or quick-change multiple battery systems for intensive use 24/24. It is the preferred choice of the most important names in the European automotive and aerospace industries.



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