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Sustainable agritourism with Alkè electric vehicles


Electric Vehicles for Sustainable Agritourism


For your sustainable agritourism, choose a zero-emission electric vehicle and don't give up cargo capacity and agility. Discover the Alke vehicles!


Why should you choose Alke' vehicles for agritourism?

  • Zero emissions: no pollution of the surrounding environment and respect guests and animals
  • Extremely robust: load capacity up to 1630 kg (chassis ) and towing capacity up to 4500 kg
  • Off-road performance comparable to a 4x4 and negotiable slopes up to 35%
  • Extremely versatile thanks to the multiple configurations available


Electric vehicles for sustainable agritourism

Agritourism is synonymous with nature and respect for the environment. Precisely for this reason the use of non-polluting vehicles is certainly ideal. Alkè vehicles are particularly suitable for agritourism, both in the countryside and in the hills, as they are able to face climbs of 35%. They are very robust vehicles with a load capacity of up to 1630 kg per chassis and a towing capacity of up to 4500 kg in private areas. They are therefore suitable for transporting materials or products of the farm, but also for maintenance. They are able to move on any type of terrain and at the same time are approved for road circulation.


Vehicle for riding stables

Vehicle for riding stables

Offroad vehicle

Offroad vehicle

Vehicle with steel mesh sides

Vehicle with steel mesh sides


A wide range of configurations for the different activities of the farmhouse

Alke electric vehicles are characterised not only by their robustness and build quality, but also by their high degree of customisation. In fact it is possible to choose from a wide range of fittings, very often interchangeable with each other. In particular, for agritourism, the most popular configuration includes the loading bed with drop sides, electro-hydraulic tipping, the steel mesh sides and a people carrier module. These vehicles are suitable for transporting materials in general, for maintenance and gardening activities, and for transporting guests to the agritourism.


Electric vehicle for sustainable tourism


Top performance even off-road

Alkè vehicles are among the few that adapt to both urban and off-road routes. Thanks to their small dimensions they adapt perfectly to the peculiarities of dirt tracks, which are often narrow. Moreover Alkè vehicles are used not only on farms but also in wildlife parks, mountain campsites and mountain communities. Finding a vehicle that guarantees high performance even off-road and respects the environment is a difficult challenge. Alke vehicles have brilliantly passed all the tests even on the most difficult terrain.


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