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Green refuse collection vehicles Green refuse collection vehicles

Green refuse collection vehicles

Conventional collection trucks are often too large and cumbersome to operate in urban areas. To solve this problem, recent years have seen an increasing spread of green refuse collection vehicles.

Why should you choose Alkè green refuse collection vehicles?

  • Extremely manoeuvrable: smaller and more compact than traditional trucks
  • They are fully electric and therefore have 0 harmful emissions
  • They are ideal for collecting organic but also other waste
  • Possibility of installing a cloud system for monitoring


Refuse collection electric vehicles

Satellite vehicles for waste collection

Waste collection can also be a complex and costly business. Conventional collection trucks are often too large and cumbersome to operate in busy urban areas or in historical centres with narrow streets. To solve this problem, recent years have seen an increasing spread of green refuse collection vehicles. These vehicles are smaller and more manoeuvrable than traditional trucks and can therefore operate in confined and busy spaces. Alke' green refuse collection vehicles are fully electric, have a bin lift system and can be equipped with a compaction system, which reduces the volume of waste and allows for increased loading capacity. Satellite waste collection vehicles can be used for the collection of all types of waste, including sorted waste. They are therefore an ideal solution for cities that want to improve sorted waste collection and reduce the environmental impact of waste. Urban sanitation vehicles fall into several categories, depending on size and function. Satellite vehicles are among the smallest vehicles, with different loading volumes, which collect waste themselves and then generally pour it into a parent vehicle.


icon features
  • extremely compact, ideal for city centres
  • extremely manoeuvrable due to small turning radius
  • suitable for all types of waste: organic and MSW
  • 100% electric: non-polluting and quiet


Green refuse collection vehicles with tipping tank


Alkè electric refuse collection vehicles: many solutions for waste management

Alkè electric refuse collection vehicles are characterised by being extremely versatile. Depending on requirements, it is possible to choose between tanks with different volumes and numerous accessories. Manual loading of waste is facilitated by the side-opening door, which can be up to 1.30 m high. All models can be equipped with a body that can be lifted up. It tilts backwards by 90° to a discharge height of 1.45 m. Depending on the chassis, the waste collection body of Alke green refuse collection vehicles can have a capacity of 3.5 m3, 2.8 m3, 2.2 m3 and 1.7 m3 (for COMBI versions). A roll-up tarp cover can be added to the tipping buckets of Alke' vehicles to avoid losing the waste during transport. The bodies can be fitted with a bin lift system for 120 - 240 - 360 litre containers. When collecting waste, it is often necessary to clean the area concerned. These two operations can be carried out at the same time thanks to the COMBI versions, in which two pieces of equipment can be mounted on the same platform. For example, a toolbox or a high-pressure cleaner can be fitted in combination with the tipping tank. In the case of refuse collection vehicles, a very useful equipment is the tipper with a compactor and bin lift system. The mini compactor has the function of better distributing the waste in the tub, increasing the capacity by 2.5 times compared to a normal tub.



Tipping tank

Tipping tank refuse collection vehicle

Refuse collection vehicle COMBI

Refuse collection vehicle COMBI with waste collection body and pressure washer

Compaction system

compaction system Alkè


Tipper, compact and manoeuvrable refuse collection vehicles: from city centres to large events

Satellite vehicles for waste collection are used in various contexts. Satellite vehicles can be used for waste collection in city centres, residential areas and commercial areas. These compact and manoeuvrable, yet highly robust vehicles can also be used for waste collection at industrial and production sites. In recent years, electric waste collection vehicles are also emerging as an innovative choice for waste management at large events. Compact, manoeuvrable, zero-emission and silent, but at the same time robust and with high load capacities. All these features make the Alkè satellite tipper vehicles the optimal solution for waste management in a wide variety of applications.



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