Waste collection vehicles for large events Waste collection vehicles for large events

Waste collection vehicles for large events

In recent years, the focus on environmental sustainability has grown significantly, prompting even event organisers to look for greener solutions to manage the waste generated during large events. In this context, electric waste collection vehicles are emerging as an innovative and responsible choice to meet this challenge.

Alke' vehicles chosen for World Youth Day Lisbon 2023, see why:


Urban sanitation vehicles for major events

All the advantages of waste collection vehicles for large events

Electric refuse collection vehicles offer numerous environmental and practical advantages that make them ideal for large events. Electric vehicles do not emit harmful exhaust gases into the environment. This is especially important during outdoor events or in crowded places, where air pollution can have a significant impact on public health. These types of vehicles are known to be very quiet compared to their internal combustion counterparts. This characteristic makes them ideal for events where noise could disturb spectators or performers on stage. Furthermore, the efficiency of electric vehicles makes them suitable for covering large areas without the need for frequent refuelling. Although the initial investment for purchasing electric vehicles may be higher, the operating costs are generally lower. Maintenance is cheaper and the cost of electricity is usually lower than for petrol or diesel. Electric waste collection vehicles can be flexibly designed to meet the specific needs of a large event. They can be equipped with variable waste collection capacities, making them suitable for both small and large events. The use of electric vehicles for waste management during a large event demonstrates a visible commitment to sustainability and the environment, which can improve the public perception of the event and the companies involved. The use of electric vehicles for waste collection during large events is an important step towards environmental sustainability. These solutions not only reduce the environmental impact of the event, but also offer economic benefits and promote a positive corporate image.


Electric waste collection vehicle for large events


Case study: Alkè electric vehicle fleet at WYD Lisbon 2023

During WYD Lisbon 2023, the urban sanitation service of the municipality of Lisbon fielded 10 Alke' ATX 340E equipped with 180x123cm tipper bodies and mesh side extensions. These vehicles were used to reinforce cleaning operations in the city and in the event grounds, collect bins, transport tools and support Lisbon's cleaning teams. The Lisbon teams collected 117 tonnes of waste in the park where the event took place, during WYD. The operators collected 72% of waste, broken down as follows: 52% packaging, 11% paper, 9% organic waste. Each of the 34 sectors of the Tejo Park area was provided with 150 recycling containers. The main problem to be tackled was the sudden increase in tourists in the city. Managing 1.5 million people throughout the city was not easy. Tourist pressure increased on an unprecedented scale. To handle more than 1.5 million visitors, the Lisbon City Council created a cleaning and collection system by purchasing several new pieces of equipment and vehicles. To meet ecological needs, the city focused on the purchase of electric vehicles. In view of the normal operation of Lisbon's Urban Sanitation Department, the purchase of electric vehicles was necessary to cope with the foreseeable increase in the number of tourists in the city, particularly in historical areas, where the streets are narrow and it is difficult to get around. In addition, a large number of events require the use of this type of small electric vehicle. This type of vehicle is ideal for city centres, as they do not pollute and are specifically designed for restricted access areas, thus facilitating waste collection. Regarding the historical areas of the city, significant openings have occurred during WYD: new commercial spaces, new restaurants and new housing. This requires a permanent readjustment of the waste disposal system, with significant improvements in terms of sanitation and efficiency. In response to this need to handle over 1.5 million visitors, the Lisbon City Council created a collection system using a network of 17,000 paper containers to serve the countless pilgrims. These containers were collected with Alke' vehicles that supported the entire event. But what were the most appreciated features of the Alke electric vehicles in use during this major event? Certainly, the ease of manoeuvring, which is very useful in historical centres and within the WYD areas. The silent motor makes it possible to work at night and near the pilgrims camped out. The space in the cargo area was perfect for holding the collected waste and it was easy for the operators to unload the bags.


Waste collection fleet for large sustainable events

Waste collection fleet for large, sustainable events

Today, the organisation of large events, such as festivals, international conferences, concerts or the Olympics, has become a fundamental part of our culture and society. However, these mass events can have a significant impact on the environment, society and the economy. It is therefore crucial to consider sustainability as a key element in the organisation of such events, with the aim of reducing negative impacts and maximising long-term benefits. One of the main objectives of sustainability in large events is to reduce environmental impact. This involves adopting practices that minimise the consumption of natural resources, waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions. Common strategies include the use of renewable energy sources, responsible waste management including the use of zero-emission vehicles, and the promotion of public transport and bicycles to reduce the use of internal combustion vehicles. Alke' electric vehicles are also used at major events such as the World Youth Day in Lisbon 2023, the Paris Olympics, and the Rugby World Cup. The usual equipment choices in this context are the waste collection body, the steel mesh sides and the ambulance module.



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