Waste collection monitoring


Optimising waste collection logistics: Alkè Cloud



To optimise waste collection activities, Alkè has developed a cloud platform. This makes it possible to obtain all data relating to waste collection activities: location, stop & go, average speed, among others.


Waste collection data reporting: Alkè cloud platform

  • Location: at any time it is possible to know where the waste collection vehicles are
  • Monitoring of bin loading and tank discharge: how many and in which areas
  • Record and review the route of garbage collection vehicles: optimises activity and performance times


Monitoring waste collection to optimise it

Alkè electric vehicles can be equipped with a powerful and intuitive fleet management platform, specially developed for them and designed to optimally manage vehicles, people and workload. To ensure a good organisation of waste collection and transport, municipalities and municipal utilities need to monitor the vehicles involved in these activities. It is important to find methods to carry out better collection while keeping costs low and not wasting time. Public administrations and waste management companies can manage their activities in such a way as to optimise expenses and time spent precisely by monitoring the vehicles that transport waste. With the help of appropriate tools, it is possible to check the routes taken and the consumption in terms of autonomy and battery status.


Waste collection vehicle fleet management


Smart waste collection thanks to the Alkè cloud platform

Alkè has realised a platform which, thanks to the monitoring of vehicles during waste collection, is able to transmit the position of the vehicles in real time and store the entire vehicle activity. In this way it allows ti do further analysis, organise and create optimal routes according to the stops to be made. This allows those involved in managing waste collection activities to have an immediate overview of the time and resources used. Real-time activity and route control enables analyses of the efficiency of the waste collection fleet. The number of collections carried out and the number of stops (stop and go) can be recorded.


Electric vehicle activity monitoring


Monitoring of urban maintenance activities

The management of urban maintenance activities is extremely complex, so monitoring the operation of your vehicles in the field is essential. For example, in the case of activities that require the use of vehicles with a pressure washer or sprayer, it is possible to see all the relevant information such as the route taken, the number of stops, and the time taken to carry out the activity. This makes it possible to optimise time, resources and operating costs. All this information can be seen either in real time or for performance and activity analysis at a later date.


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