The ATX can easily be transformed from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles. It is possible to have 2 vehicles in 1, shifting from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles and vice-versa, depending on the momentary need. All you need is 10 minutes to transform the utility vehicles ATX.

from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles
ATX transformation from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles
2 vehicles in 1 - transformable utility vehicles

Agility and power. Efficiency and quality. Doubled. These are the main features ones sees intertwined when looking at the utility vehicles Alkè ATX. An absolute novelty in the world of sustainability. Yes, indeed, because it is possible to have 2 vehicles in 1, shifting from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles and vice-versa, depending on the momentary need. A solution that paves the road to new frontiers in electrical development and that effectively testifies to all the experience and research labor that the company has carried out in recent years. Therefore, at trade fairs, in stadiums, in tourist villages, utility vehicles can be used for maintenance work and the transport of merchandise during the weekend or during trade fairs or sports events as rescue vehicles.

All you need is 10 minutes to transform the utility vehicles ATX, in just a few moments their functions change totally, making them unique vehicles on the market. The steps to make use of all the solutions studied by Alkè are truly only a handful. The tasks are simple and fast, it’s enough to disassemble the loading platform from the hooks and to prepare the set-up for the first aid rescue and there you have it, another vehicle ready instantly for all sorts of needs, with double the efficiency and quality.

1-ATX100E-with-cargo-bed 2-vehicle-transformation 3-chassis-vehicle-for-transformation 4-first-aid-fitting 5-electric-ambulance-first-aid

The utility vehicles ATX are shorter compared to other ones (about 50 cm), perfect for situations that demand movement in cramped and narrow spaces. One of the main features of these utility vehicles, in fact, is their compactness, which has always distinguished these electrical vehicles. The loading capacity reaches up to 500 Kg, while the towing capacity 2000 Kg.

The engine is another strong point of these electrical vehicles. The separate 6 kW excitation with a peak of 17.5 kW allows the driver to obtain fantastic results in very difficult situations, like take-off on a steep climb or standard take-off from a standstill. The engine also has a special function that allows it to recover energy, with a 600 A controller and a high-frequency battery charger on board the vehicle to allow you to always be connected to any type of socket. The power reserve nears 70 Km, with a full recharge costing no more than 2 Euro. It should be noted, furthermore, that the ATX are probably the only electrical vehicles in their category to maintain high performances even in the presence of climbs or difficult ground. With the HT kit, they can overcome climbs in the order of 35-40%.

The front Mac Pherson suspensions with De-Dion bridge and stabilizing bar are an element of added value to the Alkè utility vehicles. Thanks to these devices, in fact, control loss and sliding are reduced to a bare minimum, and maximum vehicle stabilization is guaranteed, especially when dealing with dirt roads or unstable road tar.

But the true strong point of the utility vehicles is the possibility of transforming them into rescue vehicles; one is pleasantly surprised before an ATX.


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