Tunnel dual mode vehicles

Vehicles with two compartments with double driving direction.

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Based on the ATX models, Alkè also manufactures special, fully electric tunnel vehicles with two compartments with double driving direction for use in tunnels and passageways (both road and rail) and in small ducts, also available in dual mode versions (road-rail) and explosion proof.



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Tunnel vehicles road and rail
Vehicles with two compartments allowing a safe and fast driving


The Alkè Research & Development department has designed and manufactured a special electric vehicle with two compartments allowing a safe and fast driving of the vehicle in both driving directions. This type of bidirectional vehicle is ideal for use inside tunnels, passageways and small ducts.
It is a vehicle designed for those who must perform a complete range of operations inside these areas such as regular inspections, material transport, maintenance activities, emergency interventions or to move away any victims in case of accidents.


The main characteristics of Alke tunnel vehicle

  • Two twin driver compartments
  • A very large loading area (2,500 mm in length, customisable upon request)
  • A 360° lighting system
  • Detachable battery set to increase the autonomy


tunnel vehicle road-railThis type of special vehicle is ideal for use both in road tunnels and rail passageways; in fact, being equipped with the rail system, it becomes a dual mode vehicle for road and rail use, with the possibility to quickly move either on road or on rail, as required.

Having been manufactured based on the ATX models, this vehicle preserves the same characteristics.

The two driver compartments may be equipped with the accessories available for the standard models, guaranteeing a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers. The loading area is very large, it has a capacity of 1,200 kg and may be equipped with various fittings also designed to fulfil the needs of the client. Its lighting system is designed to lighten the intervention area on a 360° radius, guaranteeing the maximum visual field possible. The battery with quick change system is used to increase the autonomy of the vehicle, which can even reach 24/24 hours.

The vehicle with the two compartments with two driving directions may also be manufactured in the explosion proof version, for areas with risk of explosion. This special bidirectional version is the ideal solution in case of interventions in underground areas that are difficult to access with other traditional vehicles and with limited visibility.

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