At the european football championship Euro 2008 there were electric vehicles Alkè. This vehicles are used into some football stadiums as electric ambulance.


We could see this vehicle in action as ambulance with stretcher on several occasions. During the match Italy vs France, at 7th  minute, there was the accident of Franck Ribery, a French player, that was brought on board field with the electric ambulance Alkè ATX100E. Another intervention of an electric vehicle Alkè took place during the match Italy vs Romania when two Rumanian players have a clash and Mirel Radoi stayed on the ground. There was the intervention of the paramedical team with an electric vehicle Alkè. In this case it was an Alkè ATX100E equipped as electric ambulance.
Alkè vehicles are used for the most different purpose such as: urban transporter, electric vehicle for transport, professional electric car or electric ambulance.

Events was taken worldwide, and in the links below you can find pictures, images and videos of the electric vehicle Alkè at work.

Ribery is put on the electric ambulance Alkè


Electric UTV - Alke'

electric utv cars- up to 4.500kg towing capacity
- no noise and pollution
- up to 1.630kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- off-road capabilities
- all about
electric UTV

Waste collection vehicles

waste collection electric vehicles- load volume 2000 Lt.
- no noise and pollution
- up to 30% slopes
- tipping angle of 90°
- all about
waste vehicles

Utility Vehicles


4x4 utility vehicles
- up to 1000kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- perfect for off-road
- all about
utility vehicles

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