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Sustainable utility vehicles for housekeeping industry Sustainable utility vehicles for housekeeping industry

Sustainable utility vehicles for housekeeping industry

The use of sustainable utility vehicles for housekeeping industry is an increasingly popular and effective solution. These vehicles, which include vans, trucks and specialised vehicles, offer numerous advantages over their internal combustion counterparts.

Why you should choose electric maintenance vehicles:

  • 100% electric: zero-emission and silent, ideal for enclosed spaces
  • Operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Available in a variety of equipment and sizes for different needs
  • Extremely compact:able to reach even the most difficult places



Electric vehicles for maintenance operations

The use of electric vehicles for maintenance operations on tourist and industrial facilities is an increasingly popular and effective solution to contemporary environmental and operational challenges. These vehicles, which include vans, trucks and specialised vehicles, offer numerous advantages over their internal combustion counterparts. Electric vehicles do not emit CO2 during operation, helping to improve air quality, especially in high-density urban and industrial areas. Moreover, the use of electricity from renewable sources can further reduce the ecological footprint of these operations. From an operational perspective, electric vehicles offer superior efficiency compared to conventional vehicles. Maintenance of electric vehicles is generally less expensive and less frequent, due to the reduced number of moving parts and the absence of wear parts (such as oil filters and exhaust systems). This results in less downtime and greater availability of the vehicles for daily operations. Another significant benefit is the reduction in noise pollution. Electric vehicles are significantly quieter than internal combustion engine vehicles, which is particularly advantageous in tourist areas and built-up areas where noise can disturb residents and visitors. This makes electric vehicles ideal for operations at night or in noise-sensitive environments.


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  • infrastructure maintenance, including tourism and industrial ones
  • no harmful emissions
  • less costly and less frequent maintenance
  • very quiet, ideal for night activities


Features of Alkè utility vehicles for housekeeping industry

Alke' electric vehicles are extremely versatile. They can count on hundreds of available fittings suitable for the maintenance operations to be carried out in infrastructures. In the case of maintenance at high altitudes, the aerial platform can be used to work safely. One of the most popular set-ups for maintenance activities is the van with a closed box with side roller shutters or the tarpaulin van with a storage box. Outfitting with a crane or a tail lift facilitates the handling of loads. Alkè electric vehicles are extremely compact, so they can reach even the most difficult-to-reach areas.


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  • hundreds of fittings available
  • aerial platform for safe working
  • crane and tail lift for load handling
  • extremely compact vehicles


Ideal vehicles for maintenance in all areas

In tourist facilities, such as hotels, resorts and theme parks, electric vehicles can be used for a variety of maintenance tasks, from transporting materials and equipment to waste management and green maintenance. Their quietness and emission-free operation make them ideal for operating without disturbing guests and contributing to the eco-friendly image of the facility. In the industrial sector, electric vehicles can play critical roles in infrastructure maintenance, such as warehouse management, transporting components between different departments and plant maintenance. Their ability to operate indoors without producing hazardous emissions is a considerable advantage, improving air quality and safety at work. Even in urban centres, electric vehicles are widely used by maintenance teams, for example for road maintenance or parks and gardens. These are just a few examples, because, thanks to the variety of equipment, Alkè vehicles are transversal to all sectors.


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  • for tourism facilities, resorts, theme parks
  • for industrial facilities
  • for road maintenance, parks and gardens
  • cross-sector vehicles


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