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Electrified vehicles: find out which is best for you

Today there are several electric propulsion systems that flank or completely replace traditional ones. The various types differ according to whether the electrical part is used marginally or as the sole driving force.



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Electrified vehicles - Hybrids

In hybrid electrified vehicles the electric motor and combustion engine work together to provide the best efficiency or performance. So at some stages they have an all-electric driving mode that allows the car to move with zero emissions. The battery is recharged while driving thanks to regenerative braking, so there is no need to connect it to external power sources.


All-electric drive vehicles Alkè


Plug-in hybrid vehicles

This type of electrified vehicle is also known by the acronym PHEV. They are the evolution of full hybrids and aim to increase the use of the electric part thanks to the possibility of recharging the battery from an external power source, i.e. of plugging it in, thus increasing its range and reducing the need to use the internal combustion engine.


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All-electric battery-powered vehicles

These are electric-drive vehicles powered exclusively by the battery which must be recharged from an external source. They are capable of recovery during deceleration, but their range is still determined by their initial state of charge. These types of electrified vehicles do not require fuel and are by far the most environmentally friendly as they have zero emissions. Electric vehicles are suitable for urban use but also in off-road vehicles.


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The main features of Alkè all-electric vehicles

Alke vehicles fall into the category of all-electric vehicles. Electric vehicles recover energy even while driving to extend their range, but operation of this type of vehicle requires access to an external charging station (even a standard 16 A household socket will do). Electricity is clean, quiet, efficient and cheaper, making it the most environmentally friendly type of electrified vehicle of all. Alkè electric vehicles guarantee low running costs, are ecological and extremely responsive. These vehicles use the electricity stored in high-voltage rechargeable batteries to power the electric motor. The batteries must be recharged with electricity from a power source, which can be a power outlet in the home or an external charging station. All Alke' electric vehicles have a charging cable included. One of the main strengths of all-electric vehicles is certainly regenerative braking - as the vehicle decelerates the energy produced is converted and stored in the battery. All Alkè electrified vehicles are approved for road use and can achieve an autonomy of 200 km with lithium batteries.


Frequently asked questions Characteristics 100% Electric Vehicle
How it works Powered entirely by an electric motor using a battery
Type of motor Electric motor
How to recharge the battery Must be connected to a power source
What is the driving experience Instant torque and quiet driving
CO2 emissions Zero emissions





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