Alkè: high build quality, reliability and durability



Their excellent and durable build quality with maximum reliability have always been distinguished Alke' electric vehicles, even after years. Where does the robustness of Alkè vehicles come from and what makes them so unique?


Why you should choose an Alke' electric vehicle

  • Vehicles built to last
  • State-of-the-art technology and high standard
  • Use of automotive - industrial - off-road components
  • Entirely made in Italy


Alkè Electric Vehicle: Quality, Reliability and Durability


Reliability, durability, technology: the main values of Alkè

For those who have the opportunity to try out Alke' electric vehicles, the first thing that strikes them is undoubtedly their robustness. Alke has always been committed to producing vehicles that stand out for their build quality. The high performance that characterises these vehicles is the result of this.
The chassis of Alke' vehicles is constructively very robust, as it was originally designed for off-road use. The chassis makes use of high-performance steel at several points which, for the same weight, guarantees a much higher load-bearing capacity and the anti-corrosion treatment with its powder coating prevents rust.


Alke' electric vehicle - High level technology


How is a Made in Italy electric vehicle built?

The suspension fitted to Alkè work vehicles guarantees excellent grip even off-road. The design choice used by Alke' with a stabiliser bar allows greater grip of the rear wheels even on uneven surfaces, making the ride smoother. Thanks to the suspension geometry, Alkè vehicles have traction comparable to four-wheel drive.
Alke uses heavy duty differentials with full floating axle shafts like those used on much larger trucks. The front brakes are hydraulic disc brakes and the rear brakes are hydraulic drum brakes with mechanical servo brakes, which are very strong to ensure high performance and durability.


Alke' small electric truck - Chassis strength


Cabin comfort and high technology

Among the various electric work vehicles on the market, Alkè vehicles are among the most comfortable in terms of cab layout and driver's position. All Alke vehicles can be equipped with a Vehicle Body Computer (VBC) to enable geolocation, diagnostics and remote monitoring of vehicle performance and consumption. The data collected in real time is analysed remotely via a dedicated web interface on desktops or a mobile interface for smartphones.
In addition to a guarantee in terms of robustness, Alke' electric vehicles feature precise and quality finishes.


Alke' electric van - Suspension detail


Vehicles designed for intensive use and in the most extreme conditions

Alke' vehicles are comfortable to drive but capable of operating in adverse weather conditions for days on end. These vehicles have been operating for years in critical environments such as the frozen moors of northern Europe or the extreme temperatures of the Sahara Desert and other remote locations in the Middle East and Africa. Thanks to their build quality, they are able to deliver high performance (load, towing, slope) both on and off-road.





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