Just one vehicle for every season of the year, do you want more than just a simple vehicle? Why limit yourself to a common vehicle when you can have much more by choosing a non-polluting, multifunction vehicle that besides transporting people and objects also facilitates performing numerous maintenance activities.

Electric utility vehicles for all seasons

When you choose one of the Alkè Electric utility vehicles you can have all these things, with significant savings on fuel costs without giving up comfort. Alkè Electric utility vehicles are particularly indicated for the management and maintenance of the public green areas.

We know that every season brings climate change affecting not only people but also plants, which are the first representatives of the seasonal changes. Flowers in spring and the leaves that fall in autumn are just a few examples of the changes that occur in the public green areas over the course of the year. The seasonal life of plants must be followed throughout all of its phases and the tools used can make a big difference in terms of performance.
With a single vehicle Alkè meets the customer's most varied operating needs. It is ideal for collecting leaves and waste (normal and green) that are typical during autumn and is also excellent at removing snow in the winter.

Snow plow for utv

During the spring, on the other hand, it is an excellent ally when spreading fertilizer, performing treatments on plants, and for collecting brushwood. It is also an extremely useful tool for irrigating during the hot summer months. All, clearly, at almost zero fuel cost. Alkè vehicles are completely electric and can be easily charged directly from the power outlet.
Electric ambulance with spinal boardDue to its efficiency and comfort, Electric utility vehicles in the catalogue also adapt perfectly to special situations. In fact, an Alkè vehicle can be transformed as needed, combining it with the various additional models available. With the ambulance module, for example, accessories can be added to the vehicle so it can be used as an ambulance, perfect as an electric ambulance in closed areas for fairs, airports, large facilities, and even with ATEX certification for Electric utility vehicles. Adding the person-carrier module, the vehicle can be transformed into a "minibus", allowing more people to be transported, for example when a larger workforce is needed.

Electric vehicles for towing waste bins

Another interesting aspect is the towing capacity that can reach 3000kg in a private area, depending on the model chosen.
The ability to customize offered by Alkè makes it possible to satisfy more needs with a single vehicle, even in cases where different vehicles would usually be needed.



Electric Ambulance

Electric Ambulance - Emergency vehiclesElectric ambulance equipped with a stretcher for the recovery of injured athletes from the playing field during sports events.

Electric vehicles with tank and sprayer

Electric vehicles with tank and sprayerElectric vehicles with tank and sprayer

Utility Vehicles with mesh sides

Snow blade

Snow plow for utv
Snow blade for ALKE' vehicles with controls inside the cab for tight streets, bike paths and footpaths.
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