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Electric utility vehicles for parks and gardens Alke' Electric utility vehicles for parks and gardens Alke'

Electric utility vehicles for parks and gardens

Are you thinking of a single vehicle to carry out different activities and do you want more than just a means of transport? Do not you limit yourself to one ordinary vehicle, when you can have much more by choosing to have a non-polluting vehicle. Alkè electric vehicles are ideal for landscaping and groundskeeping in public gardens, parks, sports facilities, golf courses, but also vegetable gardens and orchards.

Why should you choose Alke' vehicles for parks and gardens?

  • Full electric: zero pollution and no noise
  • Hundreds of configuration options to choose from
  • Extremely versatile and multifunctional vehicles
  • Extremely low running costs
  • European N1 WLTP approval for use on public roads


Electric utility vehicles for landscaping and groundskeeping Alkè

Landscaping and groundskeeping with Alkè electric vehicles

The applications of Alke' electric vehicles for landscaping and groundskeeping are numerous, both in private and public areas. Thanks to the large number of configurations to choose from, it is possible to find the vehicle that fully meets the customer's needs. The vehicles are also extremely versatile, as many of them can be easily removed and replaced as required. Among the various fittings, the ones most widely used for grounds maintenance are certainly: the flatbed with three-sided opening and tipping ; the steel mesh sides for transporting mowing, pruning and foliage; the sprayer module for spraying large green areas; the aerial work platform for pruning work; the tail lift for handling heavy containers. The COMBI configurations, which allow the combination of two modules on the platform, are also functional for landscaping.



Steel mesh sides - Groundskeeping

Steel mesh sides - Groundskeeping

Tipping cargo bed

Tipping cargo bed

Aerial Work Platform for pruning

Aerial Work Platform for pruning


The characteristics of Alkè vehicles for the maintenance of public and private green areas

Alkè vehicles are extremely compact, making them ideal for use on city pavements or alleyways. They are fully electric, 100% ecological without any exhaust or noise emissions. The use of this type of vehicle is certainly the best way to take care of your green spaces. Alkè electric vehicles can handle slopes of up to 35% and are therefore extremely agile, even in hilly or uneven environments. Another advantage of using electric vehicles, especially for the public sector, is the considerable reduction in operating and maintenance costs compared to traditional combustion vehicles. The majority of the pieces of equipment installed on Alkè vehicles are approved for use on public roads.


Vehicle for the maintenance of public gardens, parks and sports facilities



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