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Solid Waste vehicles with bin lift system Alke' Solid Waste vehicles with bin lift system Alke'

Solid Waste vehicles with bin lift system

Alkè ATX solid waste vehicles with waste collection body are the most eco-friendly and silent out there. A special equipment providing a bin lift system is specifically designed for municipalities, camping sites, holiday villages, sport centers, town centers, railway stations and airports.

Why should you choose Alkè solid waste vehicles?

  • Electric: silent and emission-free
  • Load capacity: up to 650 kg - Load volume: 2.8 m3, 2.2 m3 e 1.7 m3
  • N1 type approved for road circulation
  • Compact: 140 cm vehicle width
  • Specifically designed for municipalities, town centers, camping sites and holiday villages


Waste transport vehicle for MSW Alke'

Alkè ATX solid waste vehicles

Alkè ATX is compact (140 cm wide) but very spacious and was accurately designed to collect and transport waste, specifically in urban settings. It is a really silent vehicle that does not cause either air or noise pollution. It is equipped with a capacious corrosion-resistant aluminium waste collection body to transport solid urban waste, including refuse from separate collection, and a powerful and user-friendly bin lift system (as optional extra), that can lift 120 L, 240 L and 360 L containers. The bin lift system works with an electro-hydraulic mechanism and is also equipped with a kinematic device that keeps the bin always in vertical position and automatically empties only when it reaches the feed opening. The bin lift system is an optional extra as it is an additional component to the waste body. Both the body and the lift system are directly powered by the traction battery. Many municipalities in Europe and other areas already chose Alkè electric vehicles to transport waste, proving their effectiveness in performing these operations. These vehicles can enter traffic limited zones. Energy consumption is really low: 3 euros are enough to fully charge the battery.



ATX Waste Collection Body

Waste collection body capacity

650 kg

Load volume

2.8 m3, 2.2 m3 e 1.7 m3

Unload height

1450 mm

Recharge cost

About € 3

Maximum autonomy

190 km

Hydraulic tipping

Electro-hydraulic system lifting up to 90°


3870 mm [ ATX E version with waste body 2.23 waste body]


1380 mm [2.23 waste body]



Solid waste vehicles for MSW

Alke' electric vehicles for municipal waste transport
Vehicles with MSW waste collection body
Waste body capacity [liters] 2.800 - 2.200 - 1.700
Waste body capacity [kilos] 650 

Bin lif system

Waste transport - Bin lift system
Vehicle with waste collection body and bin lift system
Bin lift system availability: Yes
Container capacity [liters] 120 - 240 -360

Waste body side door

Waste body with side door - Separate waste collection
Door installed on both sides
Side door height [cm] 130
Door installed on both sides Yes


Urban waste - Emission-free collection and transport

Alkè waste collection electric vehicle is equipped with a body available in three sizes: 2.8 m3, 2.2 m3 e 1.7 m3 (COMBI versions) with a 90° tipping angle providing direct waste unload in the waste compactors. These vehicles recover energy while braking. Energy recovery is extremely important and increases the autonomy up to 30%, which is useful for the door-to-door waste collection. The system of these refuse collection units is equipped with automatic self-closing valves monitor, two double-acting hydraulic cylinders to allow the body tipping and a supporting system that secures the the body when it tips to either side. The user can monitor the operations directly on-board or off-board using a wired remote control.


Electric vehicles transporting municipal waste Alke'




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