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Industrial cleaning with sweepers
and electric vehicles

Alkè offers a wide range of electric work vehicles that can complete the offer of those who already sell sweepers to provide customers with complementary solutions for industrial and urban cleaning.


Complete your industrial cleaning offer

  • Electric vehicles with hundreds of configurations for sanitation and cleaning
  • European N1 WLTP approval for use on public roads
  • Fully electrical: ideal for use both outdoors and indoors
  • Extremely low running costs
  • Real-time monitoring of the vehicle fleet


Electric vehicle for urban waste collection Alkè


Complete your range of professional cleaning machines with Alke' electric vehicles

Alkè sweepers and electric vehicles are a winning combination. Very often those who sell industrial and urban cleaning machines decide to complete their offering with Alke professional vehicles. Customers who buy sweepers generally also need vehicles to carry out maintenance and cleaning tasks. Alke' vehicles are able to meet this need with a wide range of solutions suitable for municipalities, industrial facilities, tourist facilities, to name but a few. They are much appreciated, firstly because they are electric and therefore do not pollute and are silent, and secondly because of their construction quality and robustness, which is certainly unrivalled compared to other vehicles in the same category. All Alke' electric vehicles are also approved for circulation on public roads according to the WLTP standard.


Electric work vehicle with steel mesh sides for industrial and urban cleaning Alkè


Sweepers and electric vehicles - For a complete range of professional solutions

Those who sell sweepers or cleaning machines very often also sell Alkè electric vehicles. Alke' offers a wide range of electric vehicles that can be customised for cleaning, sanitation and maintenance tasks. ATXs are small but very powerful, versatile and environmentally friendly electric vehicles that simplify the management of the most common operations. One of the activities in which they are most widely used is the collection of normal and green waste, and the collection of branches. They are used in the landscaping and maintenance of public parks and gardens where they can be used for irrigation, treatment, leaf collection, but also in road maintenance such as sanitation and in winter they are used as snowploughs and salt spreaders. Thanks to their small size, they are also suitable for use in cycle paths, internal corridors of sports facilities and industrial plants.


Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer

Ecological waste collection

Ecological waste collection

Steel mesh sides

Steel mesh sides

Electric vehicles for industrial and urban cleaning - Many equipment variants

Alke' can offer municipal administrations, municipalities and industries zero emission vehicles with a large number of equipment variants, so they are able to respond optimally to the specific use.
In particular, the Alke vehicles most sold for industrial and urban cleaning are those with the following configurations:


Electric vehicle with professional high-pressure cleaner Alkè




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