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When a small electric car is not enough here come Alkè electric vehicles When a small electric car is not enough here come Alkè electric vehicles

A small electric car is not enough? Try Alkè vehicles

Choosing the best small electric car is not simple as there are many parameters to evaluate: capacity, autonomy, price, duration of battery. This page will help to clear these up for you.

Why choose an Alke' electric vehicle?

  • Maximum autonomy: 200 km
  • Extremely compact: 140 cm wide
  • Approved to transport a maximum of 4 people
  • Excellent stability and roadholding


Small electric car - Urban mobility

Let's compare a small electric car to an Alke' electric vehicle

Small electric cars are mini electric vehicles that are highly in demand these days given the growing attention that people are paying to the environment and, therefore, to electric mobility. If a small electric car does not provide sufficient power or towing capacity to meet one's needs, then Alkè electric vehicles are the perfect solution. Below is a summary comparison of some of the characteristics of an small electric car and of an electric vehicle.


Description Small electric car Alke' electric vehicle
Power Generally 2 kW 14 kW peak power, uphill an Alkè vehicle demonstrates its full value
Brake System Single circuit Double circuit: safety comes first
Energy Recovery Generally ABSENT PRESENT: Alkè electric motors recover energy while braking - this increases the vehicles' autonomy by up to 30%
Autonomy Approximately 40-50 km Up to a maximum of 200 km depending on the model and set-up
Load Capacity 200-300 Kg Load capacity of up to 1,630 kg (per chassis)
Chassis Structure Tubular structure The chassis is based on that of 4x4 off-road vehicles
Consumption €1 per 50 km €1,50 per 70-100 km
Towing Capacity Low towing capacity due to the quadricycle's very lightweight structure 4500 kg, an exceptional result that is impossible for a small electric car


Small electric car with 4 seats

Small electric cars for off-road driving as well

In general, small electric cars are primarily used in cities. If you are looking for a vehicle that is capable of handling off-road driving, then an Alkè vehicle could be right for you.These electric off-road vehicles have 2-wheel drive but are capable of handling inclines of up to 35%, something that is impossible for electric quadricycles which are designed to be used primarily on level roads and for transporting people.Why you should choose an electric off-road vehicle: if an electric quadricycle is not enough because one requires, perhaps for work, a vehicle that provides greater power and greater towing capacity, then an Alkè electric off-road vehicle is the ideal solution. Perfect for agritourisms located in hilly areas, where one needs to operate in absolute silence but where the slopes are demanding.These electric off-road vehicles are used along the coasts, on beaches where normal golf carts cannot drive.


Alke' small electric car for off-road and city use

Lightweight small electric car for merchandise

Alkè electric vehicles with electric traction are multi-purpose, approved for two or four people, and capable of easily transforming from a means of transportation to a work vehicle as they are designed to offer the greatest flexibility of use.Thanks to their lithium battery they have an autonomy of up to 200 km. The load capacity of 1,630 kg (per chassis) and towing capacity of 4,500 kg are an indication of these electric quadricycles' solidity. One of the main characteristics of Alkè vehicles is that they are modular vehicles which provide the option of choosing from among hundreds of configurations, optionals, and accessories, most of which are easy to remove, for a vehicle that can perfectly adapt to the needs of those using it.


Freight transport

small electric car for freight transport

Urban Electric Mobility

Urban Electric Mobility

Off-road small electric car

Off-road small electric car




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