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4 advices on a detailed quote before choosing an Electric Vehicle

Looking for an electric vehicle that really meets your needs? We want to help you in formulating a quotation request for the electric vehicle that is right for you. Many large companies have already found their ideal vehicles. Choose the equipment you prefer and request a personalised quote.

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4 pieces of advice on a top quote for an electric vehicle:



Choose your set-up among hundreds of available options

In order to get an accurate quote, one of the first things to indicate is the type of set-up you need. Depending on the type of activity to be performed, Alkè offers hundreds of fittings and accessories to choose from. The kind of equipment is chosen according to the load to be transported, its volume, and to whether goods that are perishable or need to be repaired during transport are involved. Alkè also provides a wide range of useful accessories to make the purchased vehicles even more functional. Having a clear idea of the configuration to be requested makes it possible to receive an estimate as detailed as possible and thus to know immediately the cost to be incurred. If there are no extremely heavy loads to be delivered, the flatbed with drop sides is usually recommended. If, on the other hand, bulky goods have to be transported, mesh side extensions are the optimal solution. The waste collection body with or without a bin lift system is suggested to carry rubbish, while the refrigerated box is a good choice for the transport of perishable goods. These are just some of the many possible solutions.




Range and kind of route

Among the useful information for an accurate quote for an electric vehicle is certainly the range and working hours that the vehicle must guarantee. Almost all Alkè electric vehicles are equipped with lithium batteries, which in the 20 kWh version allow a range of up to 200 km. All Alkè electric vehicles can allow operation for an entire working day. These vehicles are ideal for short to medium range travel; for example, inside industrial plants, for municipal services and last-mile delivery activities, but also within tourist facilities.




Load capacity - What load the vehicle will carry

Another very useful piece of information for obtaining a targeted and detailed quotation is the load and towing capacity that the customer needs. Alkè vehicles have a maximum load capacity of 1630 kg (chassis) and a towing capacity of up to 4500 kg (within a private area). Depending on the type of set-up, the load capacity of the vehicle varies. This is why having a clear idea of how much the vehicle will need to carry is very important. In addition to the weight, it is useful to know the type of goods to be transported in order to be advised on the most suitable configuration.


Load capacity Alke electric vehicle



Operating environment

It is also very important to know what kind of operating environment the vehicle will have to work in, for example, if the vehicle has to operate in particular temperatures, extremely cold or hot. The type of route it has to take is equally useful information, such as whether it has to frequently handle stop-and-go driving, travel on unpaved terrain or tackle slopes.


Track your vehicles with Alkè Cloud

You can complete your quote request by requesting the use of the Alkè Cloud Platform for your vehicles. In fact, all Alkè vehicles can be equipped with a Vehicle Body Computer, which allows you to monitor and manage your vehicles in real time. Through a simple and intuitive interface, it is also possible to review and analyse performance, routes and activities. This platform can be useful for corporate fleets but also for individual vehicles to optimise daily operations and reduce costs. Thanks to this platform, it is possible to see the main operating data of an electric vehicle in real time, while also anticipating potential malfunctions or allowing them to be resolved quickly.

Fleet management alke electric vehicles

Perfect the configuration with the right accessories

Choosing the accessories you really need is also very important. It may happen that you buy a vehicle without certain accessories, which then turn out to be useful when in use and cannot always be installed later. This is why it can be useful to have someone advising on the choice of certain options rather than others during the quotation stage. The range of accessories offered by Alkè is very wide, ranging from those in the cab to those in the loading area. Among the most popular accessories are the Webasto heater, EPS, car radio, beacon light, hydraulic tipping and waste body accessories, to name but a few.


Webasto heating

Webasto heating

Electric power steering

Electric power steering

Car audio system

Car audio system



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