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Electric off-road vehicles with 4X4 performances

All terrain electric vehicles

Alkè ATX electric vehicles are able to approach also high stress terrains, included those wherewith a 4x4 four-wheel drive and a diesel engine are usually needed. This is why, although they have two-wheel drive motors, multi terrain Alkè electric vehicles have been designed for having the same performances of off-road 4x4 four-wheel drive vehicles.


Why to chose an Alke all terrain electric vehicle?

  • Versatility: They can be used both on road and on uneven terrains
  • 100% ecofriendly and quiet
  • Extremely robust and with high performances
  • Multifunctional
  • Designed and Made in Italy


Electric off-road vehicles with 4X4 performances


Multi-terrain electric vehicles

Alkè ATX electric vehicles are unique in their category: they can handle the most difficult terrains, that usually require 4×4 vehicle performances. Although they have two-wheel drive motors, they have the same performances that characterize off-road 4x4 four-wheel drive vehicles of the same category. These vehicles are able to work any ground type and they can work without problems with slippery or uneven terrains, with sand, grass, challenging slopes, snow or ice, also thanks to special accessories as the snow blade and the salt spreader.
They have passed successfully multiple tests on different types of off-road ground:


icon features
  • uneven terrain
  • sand
  • ice and snow
  • grass
  • gravel
  • challenging slopes (up to 35%)


Zero emission vehicles - Sand

Zero emission vehicles - Sand

UTV – Snow and Ice

UTV – Snow and Ice

Utility vehicle - Off-road

Utility vehicle - Off-road


Electric pickups: technical and construction features

The element than mostly characterizes Alkè ATX electric vehicles is their versatility, hence the same vehicle can be used on road (N1 type-approved as a truck) as on uneven terrains. So, with only one vehicle, is possible to operate in different challenging grounds, always ensuring high-level performances. All this is possible thanks to the high build quality of these electric trucks: all the frames have been studied and built to support high levels of physical stress. AC motors have an engine torque and a gradual power release, implemented to avoid slips or loss of adhesion even on extreme conditions. The stabilizer bar guarantees better rear wheels adherence, especially on uneven terrains, with the effect of keeping the driving light. Suspensions geometry guarantees a notable driving comfort and a better traction on every terrain. The differential protection defends the differential and the other inferior parts of the vehicle off-road routes. All the technical features have been studied to guarantee high-operation even of low-adherence grounds.


Electric offroad utv on snow and ice


Multi-terrain electric vehicles: robustness, compactness and driving easiness

Alkè electric multi terrain vehicles are appreciated from customers for their robustness, for being resistant and for having an excellent traction even on uneven terrains, guaranteeing a dynamic and intuitive driving both on road surface and on off-road. Furthermore, thanks to its compact dimentions, this utility vehicle is able to work easily even on narrow paths and in any other situation that could imply transit areas difficult to approach with other vehicles.
Some examples of application fields for Alkè difficult terrain vehicles follow:


Holiday farms Beach establishments Estates on plains and hillsides
Parks Vineyards Mountain areas


Watch the performances of this vehicle on off-road!



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