Are you looking for maintenance utility vehicles for urban maintenance? Are you looking for vehicles for landscaping? Do you prefer snow ploughs? Do you no longer want to collect refuse in the morning when tourists are around? Do you need a silent vehicle that lets you do it undisturbed during the night?

urban maintenance utility vehicles
Alke' maintenance utility vehicle for maintenance work in municipalities
ATX 230E chassis load capacity up to 1000Kg

Alke' offers a wide range of maintenance utility vehicles that can be customised for the upkeep of public spaces. The ATX are small but very powerful, versatile and ecological maintenance utility vehicles that simplify the handling of the most common public operations. Their main use is in the care and maintenance of public green spaces where they can be used for watering, treatment, the collection of leaves and putting on fertilisers, and also for maintaining roads, where they are used in winter as snow ploughs and gritters. They are also widely used for normal and green waste collection, and for collecting branches. Because of their small size they can also be used on bicycle paths and in corridors inside sports structures.

ATX maintenance utility vehicles for public green spaces

Public parks are places where people love to meet. Maintaining and irrigating them is a process that requires time, care and commitment. With the ATX230E it is possible to easily take care of public gardens and parks while fully respecting the environment. The vehicle used by municipalities and public bodies for maintaining green spaces is completely electric has been designed to meet all requirements and easily reach any area, even the most uneven surfaces. Thanks to its small size and the smooth and precise steering, the ATX230E provides high levels of performance, is easy to drive and extremely comfortable thanks to the passenger compartment that has been designed with its occupant in mind.

electric vehicle with sprayer
Alke maintenance utility vehicles for watering green spaces
Electric vehicles with sprayer and a tank with a capacity of 600 litres

However we should not be fooled by its small size, the ATX230E can be equipped with a tank that can hold up to 600 litres of water and an electric pump for delivering the water with a power of 500W.

high pressure cleaner
Fully electric high pressure cleaner (150 Bar)
220 litre tank and separated intake of the detergent

Because of its technical and structural characteristics, its robustness and manoeuvrability, the ATX230E is the best tool for maintaining and watering public green spaces. Completely electric and ecological, it has a range of 75 km and a full recharging time of 8 hours.

ATX vehicles with snow plough and salt spreader

vehicle with snow blade and salt spreader
Snow blade and salt spreader mounted on an Alke maintenance utility vehicle
Snow blade ideal for cleaning piazzas and bicycle pathways 

The ATX are very powerful maintenance utility vehicles that can deal with gradients of up to 35%. Combining these characteristics with the specially designed snow plough blade, and a vehicle width of just 127cm, Alkè has created the ideal vehicle for shovelling snow both in cities and in the most difficult to reach mountain areas. The ATX can operate in severe conditions to clean roads, bicycle pathways, pavements, easily reaching areas that normal electric vehicles could not reach.

The snow blade Kit can be used on Alke' ATX maintenance utility vehicles and comes with a salt spreader module. The salt spreader has a capacity of 170 litres e and can be assembled and disassembled very easily (the operation requires no more than 3 minutes). There is also an electric control in the cab for adjusting the jet. In summer the vehicle is a valid ally for maintaining roads, collecting waste, the transportation of goods and the upkeep of green spaces.

ATX waste collecting vehicles for urban care

waste collection vehicles
Alkè ATX waste removal vehicles for holiday villages
Waste collection body with zero emissions can also work at night!

The ATX210E, ecological and silent, are ideal vehicles for collecting waste in urban areas. In fact, unlike diesel or petrol vehicles, they can easily be used in population centres also during the night without creating any noise to disturb the residents. Designed for municipal companies, camp sites, holiday villages and old town centres, they are ideal vehicles for the disposal of waste. Unlike a normal vehicle, the ATX210E do not feel the effects of repeated stop and go thanks to the system for the recovery of the braking energy. The system, in fact, allows the engine to be transformed into a dynamo generating energy that is transmitted to the batteries.

ATX maintenance utility vehicles for transporting goods and branches

The ATX can be converted into miniature trucks thanks to the fully removable steel mesh sides. The steel mesh sides transform the vehicle into a real truck for transporting any type of material like branches, sheets, sacks, and industrial products. The rear drop side also has compass opening, making it easier to load and unload goods.

Alkè provides a wide range of solutions for managing and maintaining public areas in towns. Each vehicle is certified and type-approved to drive in private areas as well as on public roads.


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Zero emissions vehicles ATX330E

Alke' ATX230E

Technical Specs electric vehicle Alke' ATX230E
Download technical specs Alke' ATX230E

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Electric vehicles with tank and sprayer

Electric vehicles with tank and sprayerElectric vehicles with tank and sprayer

Utility Vehicles with mesh sides

Snow blade

Snow plow for utv
Snow blade for ALKE' vehicles with controls inside the cab for tight streets, bike paths and footpaths.

Waste collection vehicles

waste collection electric vehicles- load volume 2000 Lt.
- no noise and pollution
- up to 30% slopes
- tipping angle of 90°
- all about
waste vehicles

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