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6 must-have features and optional extras for your electric vehicle 6 must-have features and optional extras for your electric vehicle

6 must-have optional extras for your electric vehicle


When we talk about functionality and comfort at work, after choosing the equipment, we cannot overlook certain features that make the Alke' vehicle even more efficient. Here are 6 original optional extras that you must absolutely have in your electric utility vehicle.

The 6 optional extras to buy for your Alke electric vehicle:


Electronically power-assisted steering


Driving comfort by choosing EPS

Electronically power-assisted steering: when it comes to driving comfort, it cannot be overlooked. The electronically power-assisted steering, or EPS (electric power steering), is calibrated and tested by our technicians to guarantee the best possible driving experience on every Alkè vehicle model. It helps make every manoeuvre agile and comfortable, especially those at low speed in the tightest indoor and outdoor spaces. a real must-have for electric utility vehicles.


Optional Hill holder


Cutting-edge technology on the road

Hill start assist or hill-holder: Alke electric vehicles are designed to take you on every road and route, even on dirt roads or inclines. For additional driving safety, the hill-holder is the feature you absolutely must add to your electric utility vehicle. This system assists the vehicle when starting and on any type of ascent or descent, making it safe, easy and practical to park and start again. In concrete terms, once the ascent is recognised, this system comes into operation the moment the driver touches the brake, locking the wheels. As soon as the driver then moves his foot from the brake to the accelerator, this system keeps the wheels braked, allowing the engine to restart without causing the vehicle to slide forwards or backwards.


Hydraulic tipping


Hydraulic tipping: one of our most popular options

The hydraulic tipping consists of a mechanism designed to make every lift of the bed smooth and resistant to all types of stresses to which your vehicle will be subjected during work. This optional extra is designed to be compatible and available for all our models. It will help make the loading and unloading of the materials you will be transporting easier and faster, while also allowing for quick maintenance and cleaning of the vertically positioned platform. It is also sold complete with an electro-hydraulic control unit and dashboard.


Mesh side extensions


Mesh side extensions: one of the best-selling options

Mesh side extensions are useful for providing additional load volume for your electric vehicle. They are made of steel and have a 55 cm high mesh to prevent load shedding and offer the possibility of easy visual inspection. The use of a steel net guarantees lightness so as not to put too much strain on the vehicle load limit. This feature consists of a rear tailgate that opens like a compass to facilitate unloading. A tarpaulin body can also be fitted on top to further insulate the material from wind and weather during the journey. Metal mesh side extensions are an optional extra can be applied to all our models.


Rear view camera for electric vehicles


Look around your work vehicle with our rear view camera

Alke' is a company that strongly believes in technological progress and for this reason always manages to be at the forefront in the field of systems built into its customers' vehicles. In its path of innovation it has decided to include among the available features a colour rear-view camera located above the number plate that guarantees a 120° viewing angle, connected to an LCD panel that is clearly visible in all light conditions with excellent resolution. It guarantees safety and driving comfort when manoeuvring in environments with tight corners and obstructions that are difficult to see, when transporting bulky loads that obstruct visibility, or when attaching a trailer.


Sliding windows


Make your vehicle even more functional with sliding windows

Sliding windows, which are extremely practical, are an option to consider when equipping your vehicle. They provide a convenient and simple solution for ensuring adequate air circulation in the passenger compartment. They are also convenient when entering places with vehicle badges, preventing the driver from getting out and any associated dangers. The windows fitted on Alkè electric vehicles, thanks to their robust composition and specially designed seals, guarantee excellent insulation of the passenger compartment. They are an optional extra that should definitely not be missing from your Alkè vehicle.




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