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Which technology for electric vehicles?

Alke' has always embraced an innovative approach and is committed to researching and applying the latest technologies in its vehicles. Electric motor, lithium batteries, real-time vehicle operation data.

Technology in Alke' electric vehicles

  • Electric motor with regenerative braking system
  • Lithium batteries and fast charging
  • Vehicle Body Computer for real time data monitoring
  • UGV - Self-driving vehicles


Electric motor - Regenerative braking system in Alke' Electric Vehicles


Electric motor and regenerative braking system

Alke electric vehicles are powered by an AC 48V asynchronous induction motor with a peak power of 14 kW and a maximum torque of 113 Nm with gradual power distribution, ideal for intensive industrial use and at the same time for tackling critical off-road terrain such as sand, snow or ice. Silence and zero emissions guarantee a unique driving pleasure. A special feature of the electric motor is that it generates energy when braking and sends it to the traction batteries. This is called regenerative braking, which means that the electric vehicle has lower average consumption and therefore a longer autonomy.


Lithium battery and fast charging Alke'


High-performance battery and fast charging

Alkè electric vehicles are fitted with lithium ion batteries with 10 kWh or 20 kWh, which are the device that stores the energy. The battery pack is housed underneath the load bed to preserve the load volume. The battery offers a range of up to 200 km (WLTP standard). The batteries are equipped with a heating system for winter activities and the indicative life is 2,000 cycles at 80% DOD. With the rapid battery charger a full recharge takes only 1.5 hours. All Alkè models can also be equipped with a portable charging cable from Type 2 to CEE plug for charging Alkè electric vehicles from the column. So you can always find a charging solution to have your vehicle ready for use.


Vehicle Body Computer for real-time data monitoring Alke'


Vehicle Body Computer for real-time data monitoring

In case of fleet management, but not only, it is essential to manage the vehicles in the best possible way. For this reason Alke proposes vehicles integrated with a cloud platform for fleet management and equipped with monitoring tools that can see the operating data of the vehicles in real time and anticipate potential malfunctions or allow their quick resolution. With the Alke Vehicle Body Computer you can remotely monitor your electric vehicles in real time and analyse performance, consumption, location and maintenance data. This device is also very useful to optimise the routes of vehicles used in the city, for example for waste collection services or last mile deliveries.
These are some of the functionalities of the Alke Vehicle Body Computer, but there is much more:


icon feature vehicle body computer vbc

It is possible to see if the vehicle is moving or still, or if it is being charged or operating.


icon feature vehicle body computer vbc

All of the vehicle's primary data in real time: speed, battery status.


icon feature vehicle body computer vbc

The GPS receiver makes it possible to see the vehicle's exact position.


icon feature vehicle body computer vbc

Whether the battery is in use or being charged. Furthermore, it is possible to monitor the power supply.


UGV Autonomous driving vehicles - Alke'


UGV Autonomous driving vehicles

Today the challenge in professional mobility is not simply to find the right transport vehicle but to find products capable of solving complex problems. For this reason Alkè has always placed great importance on research and the creation of innovative solutions for its customers. With this in mind, Alke' is also experimenting with autonomous or semi-autonomous driving vehicles for use in the logistics sector, on repetitive routes, in situations where it is necessary to save man-hours or in particular situations where it is necessary to protect the safety of operators.



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